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Tarsar Marsar trek is one of the most beautiful treks of Himalayas. Tarsar Marsar trek offers a breathtaking view of the Sundarsar.It is a lovely place for trekking as well as camping.The experience of the natural beauty of Tarsar Marsar leaves an imprint in your mind forever.Tarsar Marsar lakes are located at an altitude of about 13000ft.The similarity in nature of these two lakes is why they are called twin sisters.To visit the Tarsar Marsar trek,April to September is the best time to visit.June is also an excellent time to visit the Tarsar Marsar trek.The highest temperature of Tarsar Marsar is 15 to 18 degrees and the lowest temperature is -3 to -5 degrees.Some parts of the trek are difficult while some of them are easy to moderate.The trek to Tarsar Marsar is one of the most beautiful treks to get the experience of a lifetime.The trek to Tarsar Marsar gives you a beautiful experience of trekking under the blue sky along the blue lake.The trek to Tarsar Marsar is for both experienced trekkers as well as beginners.During your trek, you get to experience the mighty Himalayan ranges,the tall pine trees,the beautiful lake, and much more.You should wear some warm clothes and carry some warm clothes with you as well,also you should carry high-quality trekking shoes and a first-aid kit with you.Some main highlights to visit during Tarsar Marsar trek are given below:-

  1. The Aru base of Tarsar Marsar trek:-

Aru is a village located at the base of Tarsar Marsar trek. The setting of Aru is almost European in nature. This village of Aru consists of various small cottages which make this village even more beautiful. These small cottages are also surrounded by trees like willow and poplar which adds to their beauty. A small stream that flows through the village of Aru also makes this experience worth it. If you are planning a Tarsar Marsar trek, you should definitely stay their in Aru. And do camping and experience this beautiful creation of God where the small village surrounded by pine trees refreshes your mind. In order you refresh yourself mentally, you should definitely visit the Aru base.

  1. The area surrounding the Lidderwat campsite:-

There is not a lot of settlement around lidderwat campsite but there is a small settlement of Gujjars. It is amazing to see such a small settlement under the long and huge pine trees. During your trek to Tarsar Marsar trek, you can stop here and experience the beautiful smell of pine trees and the beauty of lush green meadows. Main attraction for trekkers at Liderwat during their trek is the beauty of pine trees surrounding the small settlements of Gujjars. You can interact with those people and know about their lifestyle and how they survive in such far-flung areas. You can make notes of the beautiful experience and cherish these memories for the est of your lives.

  1. Climbing the ridge above the Shekawas campsite:-

Shekawas offers a grassy ridge for trekkers who don’t even need shoes to climb up.  You can even climb this ridge barefoot because the ridge is extremely grassy. This experience of climbing a grassy ridge like this gives you an immense pleasure rather, a true pleasure of trekking. The climb to this ridge is endless as it becomes higher and higher as we keep trekking. The trekking in the evening is, even more, better as you will get to experience one of the most beautiful sunsets at that time. So, while trekking to Tarsar Marsar, you should also climb this ridge above Shekawas campsite to have the experience of a lifetime. This beautiful ridge above Shekawas is so grassy that it makes your trekking easier due to the absence of rocky cliffs and trails.

  1. Walking around Tarsar:-

If you are planning to trek to Tarsar Marsar, you have to experience the joy of walking around these lakes. You should first do a walk around Tarsar lake to reach the other end of the lake. The beauty of  Tarsar lake is that it looks different from all the angles you see it from. After reaching the other side of the Tarsar lake, you will witness a different view as this is the beauty of this lake. This experience is breathtaking. During your walk around Tarsar lake, you will witness almost the entire of Kashmir. If you want to experience the beauty of Tarsar lake to its fullest, you will have to walk around this lake and see the beauty of this place.Walking is always special but walking around the Beautiful lake of Tarsar and experiencing the beauty of nature in Kashmir is an experience that is worth all the money spent on trekking.

  1. Jagmargi grasslands:-

Spending time in Jagmarg grasslands is one of the most beautiful experiences. This beautiful grassland is isolated which adds to the beauty of this place. A beautiful stream flows through these grasslands which refreshes your mind and soul. These grasslands and the flowing stream offer a treat to your eyes. During your trek to Tarsar Marsar, one has to spend time in the beautiful grassland of Jagmargi to get the full experience of this beautiful trek to Tarsar Marsar.


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