5 Surprising Factors That Influence Share Prices

While many investors are familiar with the conventional determinants affecting share prices, such as company performance and market trends, there exist several unexpected factors that can also exert an influence on the BOB share price and Infosys share price. Understanding these lesser-known drivers can furnish investors with valuable insights for making well-informed decisions in the stock market.

  • Weather Patterns:

Believe it or not, weather patterns can wield an impact on share prices, especially in industries susceptible to weather conditions. For instance, agricultural enterprises may witness fluctuations in share prices due to alterations in weather, affecting crop yields and production levels. Similarly, extreme weather phenomena can disrupt supply chains and operational activities, precipitating adjustments in stock prices.

  • Social Media Trends:

In the contemporary digital landscape, social media exerts a significant influence on consumer behavior and investor sentiment. Trends emerging on platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook can significantly sway share prices, particularly for companies with a robust online presence. Positive or negative discourse on social media platforms can shape investor perception and instigate movements in share prices.

  • Celebrity Endorsements:

The endorsements of celebrities can wield a substantial impact on consumer preferences and, consequently, share prices. When a prominent figure publicly endorses a product or company, it can bolster investor confidence and stimulate demand for the company’s shares. Conversely, adverse publicity or controversies involving celebrities can detrimentally affect share prices.

  • Regulatory Changes:

Alterations in regulations and governmental policies can profoundly influence share prices, particularly in regulated sectors such as healthcare, finance, and energy. For instance, announcements regarding new regulations or tax reforms can evoke uncertainty among investors, prompting fluctuations in share prices as market participants adapt to the evolving regulatory milieu.

  • Investor Psychology:

Investor psychology assumes a pivotal role in shaping market dynamics and impacting share prices. Emotions such as fear, greed, and herd mentality can precipitate irrational conduct among investors, engendering overvaluation or undervaluation of stocks. Grasping and managing investor psychology is imperative for effectively navigating the vicissitudes of the stock market.


In conclusion, notwithstanding traditional determinants like company performance and economic indicators, there exist several unexpected influencers that investors should take into account. From weather patterns and social media trends to celebrity endorsements and regulatory modifications, these factors can impart unforeseen effects on the BOB share price and Infosys share price. By staying abreast of these lesser-known influencers, investors can make more informed decisions and traverse the stock market terrain with heightened assurance.

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