Have a look at leading and emerging African Technology Startups

Africa is a continent full of opportunities and potential. With so many countries on the continent, the startup scene is booming with innovative ideas and the eagerness to bring them to life. African Technology Startups are becoming increasingly influential and providing solutions to some of the most pressing issues in society. From green energy to healthcare, these startups are transforming the lives of African people and beyond. This blog post will explore some of the top emerging startups in Africa, how they’re changing the way business is done, and what we can learn from them. Read on to discover why Africa is quickly becoming one of the most exciting places for entrepreneurs around the world!


There are a number of startups that are emerging in Africa. Here are some of the top and emerging African Technology Startups:

  1. iKazi – iKazi is a startup that is helping to connect businesses with talented African professionals.
  2. Andela – Andela is a startup that is training and connecting talented African developers with companies who need their skills.
  3. M-KOPA – M-KOPA is a startup that is providing solar power to households in Africa.
  4. BRCK – BRCK is a startup that is providing internet connectivity in rural areas of Africa.
  5. AfriForum – AfriForum is a startup that is working to promote entrepreneurship and investment in Africa.

What is a startup?

A startup is a new business or enterprise in the early stages of development. Startups are typically small businesses that are seeking to solve a problem or fill a need in the marketplace. Many startups are born out of innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets, with the goal of disrupting traditional businesses or industries. In recent years, the term “startup” has become synonymous with technology-based businesses, as many startups leverage cutting-edge technology to create new products or services.

Despite their small size, startups have the potential to make a big impact. They often create new jobs and spur economic growth in their communities. Startups are also known for their creativity and innovation, as they often bring fresh ideas to the table.

There are many different types of startups, but some of the most common include social media startups, e-commerce startups, and health tech startups. Social media startups use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat to connect with users and build a following. African eCommerce Startups focus on creating online experiences for shoppers and selling products or services digitally. Health tech startups use technology to improve patient care and drive down healthcare costs.

No matter what type of startup it is, each one faces challenges as it seeks to grow and scale its business. But with the right team in place and a bit of grit, anything is possible for these young enterprises.

The top African Technology Startups

In recent years, there has been a boom in startup activity across Africa. This is thanks in part to increasing levels of investment, both from within the continent and from outside investors.

There are now many African technology startups that are successfully competing on a global stage. Here are some of the top startups in Africa that you should keep an eye on-

  1. Andela: This Nigerian startup is on a mission to train and connect the next generation of African tech leaders with the best opportunities globally. Andela has already had success stories, with several of its alumni going on to work for major tech companies like Google and Facebook.
  2. BRCK: This Kenyan startup provides reliable internet connectivity for people living in areas with poor or no infrastructure. BRCK has been successful in providing internet access for schools and businesses in remote areas of Kenya.
  3. Flutterwave: This Nigerian payments company is making it easier for Africans to conduct business internationally. Flutterwave has processed over $1 billion worth of transactions since it was founded in 2016.
  4. iROKOtv: This Nigerian entertainment company is the world’s largest online distributor of Nollywood content (Nollywood is Africa’s film industry). iROKOtv has over 4 million subscribers and offers its content in multiple languages.
  5. Paystack: Also from Nigeria, Paystack is a payments company that makes it easy for businesses to accept payments online.

The emerging startups in Africa

If you’re looking for the top and emerging African Technology Startups, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most innovative and exciting startups on the continent.

From Nigeria to South Africa, there is no shortage of entrepreneurial spirit in Africa. And with the continent’s population set to double by 2050, there’s no doubt that Africa’s startup scene is only going to get bigger and better.

So without further ado, here are some of the top and emerging startups in Africa that you should keep an eye on

Andela (Nigeria)

Andela is a Nigerian startup that is on a mission to train and connect the world’s top 1% of software developers with leading companies. Andela’s model is unique in that it provides its developers with full-time employment and benefits, while also giving them the opportunity to work with some of the world’s biggest names in tech.

BRCK (Kenya)

BRCK is a Kenyan startup that has developed a rugged and portable router designed for use in places with unreliable or non-existent internet connectivity. The BRCK device can switch between multiple internet connections (3G, 4G, satellite, etc.) to ensure an always-on connection, even in remote or challenging environments.

FlutterWave (Nigeria)

FlutterWave is a Nigerian payment processing

Why Africa is a great place for startups

Africa has long been considered a continent of opportunity, and that is especially true when it comes to startups. The African startup ecosystem is growing rapidly, with new startups popping up every day. And there are plenty of reasons why Africa is a great place for startups.

For one, the continent is home to a huge population of young people. This youthfulness provides a ready market for many products and services. Additionally, the continent’s infrastructure is improving, making it easier for startups to get their products and services to market. And finally, the African diaspora is increasingly returning to the continent to launch their businesses, bringing with them valuable experience and networks.

So if you’re looking for a place to launch your startup, Africa should definitely be on your radar.

How to get involved with startups in Africa

There are many ways to get involved with startups in Africa. One way is to attend startup events. These events are a great way to meet other entrepreneurs, learn about new startups, and find out how to get involved.

Another way to get involved with startups in Africa is to join an entrepreneur group or network. This will give you access to resources and mentors that can help you grow your business.

You can also volunteer with or donate to organizations that support African technology startups. These organizations provide funding and resources that help entrepreneurs succeed. By volunteering or donating, you can help these startups reach their goals.


As you can see, the African startup landscape is filled with incredible potential and opportunity. Whether it’s in health care, finance, or technology, there are some truly innovative startups popping up across Africa that have the potential to revolutionize their respective industries. We hope this article has shed some light on just a few of these exciting emerging startups and inspired you to learn more about them. With so much promise for growth and development in Africa, now is an ideal time to invest in these promising companies!

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