BTCC Announces SeamlessBitcoin Futures Trading Experience For Crypto Enthusiasts Anytime, Anywhere

BTCC, one of the world’s leading and most diverse crypto trading platform, today announced that it promises to bring the most seamless btc usdt trading experience for crypto enthusiasts anytime, anywhere.

“Historically, bitcoin and Ethereum are two assets that have grown over the years. The market dynamics always play a huge role in affecting their performance. They make great value trading opportunities for both novice and experienced traders,” says the Founder of BTCC. “By ensuring the delivery of seamless crypto trading experience, we aim to create a trading atmosphere that guides the traders to make efficient and cost-effective trading decisions that they won’t regret.”

BTCC makes btc/usdt trading one of the most convenient tasks on the planet. Millions of registered trading enthusiasts head to their website or application to enjoy the lowest trading fees of 0.03 percent and up to 150x leverage.

With 12 years of safe operational history, a trading volume of $7.02 billion, and a 24-hour open interest of $2.97 billion, BTCC aims to make trading in btc usdt futures the go-to choice for all experience levels of traders.

Apart from bitcoin, crypto trading enthusiasts can also trade in Ethereum futures, ripple futures, futures, global futures and forex, amongst other popular futures. BTCC users can learn all about the price, 24-hour change, and 24-hour trading volume to make crypto futures trading a breeze.

What makes BTCC so unique from other crypto trading platform is 12 years of secure trading history, industry-leading liquidity and instant order execution, and negative balance protection, so one never loses more than one deposit.

A leader in customized trading solutions, BTCC makes sure beginners and experienced can make the most of their platform features. They familiarise traders with the basics of trading and makes them go through all the trading steps.

With the continued support of its customers, BTCC has been successful in improving its platform features and services year on year. In the years to come, the company plans to introduce some more popular cryptocurrencies like bitcoin to meet the unique trading needs of its customers. Additionally, individuals interested in learning forex trading can explore a comprehensive forex trading course for valuable insights and strategies.

In addition to existing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, the platform now supports over 17 new cryptos. Modern-day traders can use BTCC to trade ERC20, bitcoin cash, dash, dogecoin, polkadot, matic, and many more cryptos.

“Until now, BTCC has achieved success in obtaining three crypto licenses from the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe,” says the Founder of BTCC. “We strive to exceed our user’s expectations with over 86+ listed cryptos, the lowest trading fees, 24/7 customer support, and zero security incidents. We believe in building an exchange for a better future.”

BTCC’s commitment to excellence in bitcoin trading makes it one of the largest-running cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. As the leading cryptocurrency exchange in 112+ countries, it actively renews security measures to deliver a safe and secure trading experience to 1,600,000+ registered users worldwide.

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