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Apple products are one of the most popular products in the market today. They have the highest selling rate, and their camera is the most incredible feature and is the main reason people buy iPhones. However, with beauty comes the beast. Here the beast is the problem that lies in your product. Imagine buying such an expensive product only to face camera issues later. Apple has recently released four series of iPhone 14. The pro models always come with extra camera features and unique designs. You may not know this, but iPhone 14 camera can switch to macro lenses in certain circumstances. However, not everyone likes this feature. People complain that whenever they try to take an image of an object, the camera switches automatically to macro lenses, which is annoying because this sudden switch creates a camera blinking and flickering, which seems like a virus or bugs a phone. However, this is not an issue to cry on. It is just a feature of the iPhone 14 pro that turns on when you go nearer to an object. However, many people don’t like it, and therefore, wireless waves repair, a mobile phone repair shop has given a few fixes to avoid this issue. 

  • Close and Re-open

If you are facing any sort of issue with your iPhone 14 pro, it is suggested that you must close the camera and re-open it to make it disappear. This is not a technical fix. You just have to open the app switcher. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen and see which apps are opened in the background. If you see the camera app, swipe it up again to close it. Closing all the background apps to stop any issues will be better. Now you must re-open the camera app by going to the camera. See if the issue disappeared. 

  • Switch off Macro Mode

Macro mode is a feature recently introduced in iPhone 14 Pro. This feature is handy when you go closer and nearer to an object. The camera lens opens wide so that it can focus on the object. Then it takes a photo with a closer view and extra details, which looks like a photo taken with a DSLR or a wide lens. This feature is extremely important if you are taking extreme close-ups. But if you are annoyed with this feature, you must turn this feature off. To disable this feature, you must look for a yellow flower icon present in the corner of the viewfinder. When you turn it off, your lens will return to a normal place, and the icon will turn gray. Remember that when you open the camera app again, this mode will turn on automatically once you come closer to an object, according to a local cell phone repair shop. 

  • Change the iPhone Camera Exposure

If your iPhone 14 pro camera is flickering because of the interference of fluorescent light with the shutter rate or the frame rate of LED, you must think of changing the exposure settings. You will see the exposure icon at the top of your screen. If not, you must swipe up from the bottom of the viewfinder. Now tap the exposure icon and move it right or left to adjust the exposure and brightness. You can also take advice from the experts of a cell phone repair shop. 

  • Restart iPhone 14 Pro

Restarting is one of the great fixes if you encounter any issues with your iPhone 14 Pro. Restarting or rebooting refreshes your phone, removes all the viruses, bugs, malfunctions, and glitches, and eliminates the apps running in the background. It will also eliminate the malware. To turn off your phone, you must press and hold the power button and do the same with either of the volume buttons so that you will see a bar of a power slider on your screen. Slide the power button until you see the Apple logo. Once the phone turns off, don’t turn it on immediately. Wait for a few seconds or a minute before turning it back on. Your phone will be working fine, and the issue will be gone. 

  • Update iOS

According to mobile phone repair services experts, the phone works in excellent condition if properly maintained and updated. Many people habitually set the updates to “remind me later” and forget about it. This is one of the bad habits you must get rid of. Updating the phone is so important. Apple often releases iOS updates to improve the features and functionality of iPhones. It also improves the security of your phone and eliminates any breach threats. If you receive any update, you must immediately download and install it. Similarly, you must keep updating the apps on your phone. An incompatible app is not good for your phone’s software. Ensure that you are updating the apps regularly to eliminate potential problems. 

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