Gwadar Protest to Security Situation in Balochistan

Stockholm University predicts:

A recent study by Stockholm University predicts that by 2030. China will likely need up to 18 million tones of additional seafood. to meet projected domestic consumption. But hunting is not the only concern of the protesters. The hub of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. itself the “crown jewel” of Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Gwadar Protest has been heavily securitized over the years. Baloch militants fighting the state have launched attacks in Gwadar. seeing the pass as an attractive target.

Security situation in Balochistan:

The number of security personnel has doubled. in Balochistan in general. and Gwadar Protest in particular. In the wake of the general deterioration of the security situation in Balochistan. security has beefed up in the town of Gwadar. with security forces deployed in and around the port city, making. It more like a military garrison. Recently, the authorities even wanted to isolate the city. but it declined due to the media uproar from the locals and Baloch nationalists.

Demographic changes:

One of the reasons behind the stringent security measures. in Gwadar is the fact that Baloch separatists clearly opposed ECCP from day one. calling it a threat to Baloch identity. They concerned about demographic changes. that could make the Baloch a minority. within their state after the arrival of large numbers of Chinese. and people from other parts of Pakistan, especially Punjab. As a result, Baloch separatists launched an offensive in Gwadar to thwart developments. they considered against the Baloch. 

People killed:

Senior Pakistani and Chinese officials have stayed. at the hotel, and the Chinese ambassador reported to have been in town. Although he was not present at the time of the attack. Five people killed when Baloch separatists attacked the hotel. despite tight security in and around the city. It was a heavy blow to both Pakistani. and Chinese officials as the crown jewels. of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor attacked in broad daylight. This followed by a series of other attacks carried out by Baloch. separatists against Chinese workers and facilities in Balochistan. and elsewhere in the country, and in particular. 

China’s concerns:

They put on high alert in connection with their activities in Balochistan. It exacerbates their concerns about the dire situation in the country. that want to continue working on the economic corridor. which is essential to the Belt and Road. In response to China’s concerns. the Pakistani authorities made the port city safer after these attacks. As part of the ongoing protests. people in Gwadar are calling for fewer security checkpoints. so they can move freely in their hometown. The Chinese concerned about the ongoing protests in Gwadar.

Monitoring developments:

Perhaps more than their Pakistani counterparts. As a result, China is monitoring developments in Balochistan in general. and Gwadar in particular. Gwadar can make China’s Belt and Road construction. A success in the region, but it could also have dire consequences if work does not go as planned. If the Belt and Road Initiative does not work in Pakistan, the “iron brother” of China. and the full supporter of the economic corridor. Then the Belt and Road Initiative raises questions about the entire project.

Sectarian elements:

Ominous clouds always cover Balochistan. Balochistan is in the midst of a protracted uprising. Nor is sectarian and religious violence foreign to the state. Sectarian elements under the banner of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, the Islamic State. and the Taliban, including the Pakistani Taliban, have been wreaking havoc in stages. in the country in recent years. Balochistan is Pakistan’s weak point, and unrest there also threatens China’s interests.

Demonstrating for access:

An increasing number of locals are now demonstrating for access to basic amenities. sounding alarm bells for the coastal city China is developing. It is time for the Pakistani government to respond. to their demands as a first step towards alleviating the fears of investors, not just the Chinese. As recent history shows, military security measures cannot guarantee complete security for investors. For Gwadar fishermen, and thus the economic corridor. to be successful, the local community must involved.

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