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If you are fed up with eating in the same old dining set then it’s time to change it but don’t buy anything online before getting proper details about the store from which you are going to purchase. Ladelay is one of these stores that claim to sell unique kitchen items at affordable prices so we recommend you to read our Ladelay Review first if you are thinking to buy from here.

This website is not old enough and reviews are not much satisfactory so we investigated more and gathered some information that we are going to share with you so you can make your decision accordingly. Stay connected with us to find out!

Ladelay Review – What does it have to Offer?

Ladelay offers a variety of kitchen accessories such as wooden spatulas and spoons, Acacia Wooden Oval Spoon Set, brass cups, Acacia Wooden Salad Servers Baker’s Dozen Beechwood Spoons, Mango Wood Pizza Board, Acacia Wooden Soup Ladle, Multi-purpose Towels, Round Mango Wood Serving Platter, and more.

All these products look unique and beautiful but are they really that pretty and useful? Don’t worry because, at the end of our Ladelay Review, you will have all the answers, keep reading to know more. Have a look at its specifications first:

Official Website:

Company Address: 513 HOLIDAY, BRIGHAM CITY, UT, 84302, US.

Email address: [email protected].

Contact number: (435)730-6500.

Domain age: 1 year.

Domain registration date: 10-6-2021.

Domain Expiration date: 10-6-2022.

Social media Presence: You cannot find any Ladelay Review on its Social media.

Payment Methods: Payment options include MasterCard, VISA, PayPal, DISCOVER, and American Express Cards.

Credit card refund: within 2 – 10 business days.

Shipping Policy: Depends on your location.

Return policy: It offers a 30-day return policy so if you don’t like the product, you can return it within 30 days.

Apart from the information given above, there are a lot of things that you need to know before making any decision. The claims of this store about the durability of their products look quite attractive but what if it is a scam and you won’t get the promised quality? So, let’s learn more!

Ladelay Review – Important Details about this Store:

We found this website suspicious, and after further investigation, we discovered some information about this store that raises many red flags; take a look at them.

Ladelay Store Address:

The address mentioned on the website of this store (513 HOLIDAY, BRIGHAM CITY, UT, 84302, US) is occupied by a residential house, as per the information available online. So, we cannot say anything about its trustworthiness and advise you to avoid buying from here.

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Copied material:

Many of this website’s content is similar to numerous other scam websites, and most of the details including its theme are copied from other websites. Legitimate platforms and stores do not steal others’ ideas.

Customer Reviews:

The customer feedback is missing from the official website of this store so it is very hard to believe the legitimacy of their products.

Social Media Links:

In this era of social media, almost all the legitimate stores link their pages to the official website to gain the trust of their customers and when we can’t find the social media presence of any online store, we cannot trust its authenticity.

Website Security:

Even though this website is SSL encrypted, we found out that the given payment methods and the security badges are not real and they are misusing them.

Ladelay Review – Advantages:

  • The product details are available on the official website.
  • The shipping and return policies are feasible.
  • They have one-of-a-kind wooden and brass dinner sets and other accessories.

Ladelay Review – Disadvantages:

  • Due to a missing social media presence, it is very hard to find reviews.
  • Not any legitimate portal contains Ladelay reviews.
  • Its trust score is quite low, which is only 2%.
  • This website has a lot of copied content.

Ladelay Review – Things you should know about Ladelay:

We have included every detail about this online store above, but there are some additional details that may assist you in making the best decision. Take a look at these:

  • There is not much information available about the company on the official website of the Ladelay store.
  • It was registered on 10-06-2021 which means it is among the new websites and it is hard to trust such new platforms.
  • It appears that this store only exists online as the given address is not correct.
  • According to the trust score of this website, we cannot trust this website and no one should take a risk of buying from here.
  • Customers are unable to read the reviews of previous buyers as it lacks the reviews on the official platform and its social media pages aren’t available. reviews:

After a lot of research, we hardly find 3 or 4 reviews about this online store and people are advising others to stay away from this platform as it looks suspicious. Some people are even saying that this website is a scam and the prices are so unreal.

Now that we have seen many red flags, we cannot recommend our readers to buy from this online store because this platform does not look authentic. Since the customer reviews are not available so we cannot declare it a scam but it is better to stay away from such platforms.


Because Ladelay is a new platform, we are unable to find customer reviews, making it impossible to determine the legitimacy of its products, which appear to be unique and beautiful. However, we investigated this website from various angles and concluded that it is best to avoid it.

We hope you found our Ladelay Review helpful, and now that you have a clear understanding of this platform, you know what to do, so make your decision accordingly. You can share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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