Passing Information In And Out Of A Lighthouse Studio Survey

Lighthouse Studio is an on-premise solution that helps businesses in conducting surveys. With the main purpose of taking these types of surveys is to get the customer’s preference on various brands and their services and products. By doing these surveys, the companies also get to know about the customer’s take on the advertising claims made by a brand and whether or not they click with them.

The Studio also comes with a customizable template builder of the questionnaire format that allows various businesses to create questionnaires by using headers/ footers, different color formats, different question types, and much more.

After the questionnaire has been created then, Lighthouse Studio Survey lets the creators export the then completed surveys in various formats, including PDF, HTML, and Microsoft Excel. It is also additionally available via documentation, phone, email, and through other processes.

Features Of  Lighthouse Studio Survey

Here are a few features of the Lighthouse Studio survey:

  • It poses as the most powerful platform for choice analytics

The Lighthouse Studio supports Maxdiff, CBC Choice-Based-Conjoint, and other such advanced models. One can follow up on the default options or even exercise customization and great control to make the choice models and experiments achieve even more of greater sophistication. There are several advanced features of this tool, namely: conditional display, utility constraints, prohibitions, and multi-objective search algorithms for the optimization of products.

Fun fact: Once, I got a survey on a lighthouse near me and if it was functioning properly. 

  • The tool also features predictive simulations.

It features investigative market reactions to various configurations of products, competitors, and also pricing moves. The simulations of this tool can be further enhanced by the incorporation of additional data relating to availability, differential distribution of brands, and product awareness. 

It also easily builds predictive forms of simulation models, all based on standard tools(gold).

  • It is Power-User Friendly

With this tool, one can go way beyond the basics with custom answer verification and dynamic answer lists and also with the ability to store questions in a question library that is very custom. One can even change the feel, functionality, and look by inserting custom CSS, HTML, Sawtooth Script and JavaScript into their survey.

You can form questions in a very customized and new type of way.

  • It poses flexible data collection

You can field your survey on this platform’s secure servers, where there are no respondent fees. It lets companies host their survey independently for a whole data privacy control. 

The studio also cooperates very nicely with other platforms and also supports all other major panel providers. There’s also an app of theirs available on Android devices and also for PCs.

How to pass information in and out of a Lighthouse Survey?

Here are the following steps to how you can do that:

  • Survey

At first, you have to click on the access icon across the top of Lighthouse Studio (the icon that is symbolized as a key). The next step would be to click on the “+” button. Doing this will enable you to add a new variable to your survey. The first variable that gets added will default to the UID type and will have a default name of “My Identifier.”

  • Redirects

Any survey platform or your panel provider will give a return link to use at the end of a survey and also where to insert the value of UID when the URL is redirecting the respondent back. 

At first, you need to click the “+” button and then later add a “Terminate” point to the survey. It is to be noted that Terminate points must be all by themselves, so you need to make sure that you add a definitive Page Break after you have provided the last question in your questionnaire survey. 

The more common approach would be to avoid providing any text on this page and then set the page to “redirect immediately,” which will lead the user to the URL of the destination.

  • Unique ID Operations

A few times, a panel company might require you to conduct some operation on a given variable. For example, they can pass Variable Y and Variable X, then perform some mathematical operations, and then return the result of those same operations.

To Wrap It Up!

Surveys are essential for companies to get the views of a customer’s preference prior to releasing a product or launching any form of service. Sawtooth’s Lighthouse studio does a great job of curating different types of surveys in this regard.

Thank you for reading up till here! I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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