7 Factors That Affect Mailer Boxes’ Longevity & How to Overcome It?

Mailer Box UK – The kind of packaging you use is extremely important for any industry. This is because it is usually the first thing your customer sees. Mailer boxes are a great way of increasing the value of your products. Here is a guide on how to make your boxes last longer and remain as reliable company assets!

Merits of Mailer Box UK:

Are They Stored in Water-Proof Locations?

This is extremely important, make sure that your packages are protected from water at all costs. Most packaging types, especially mailer box uk have a tendency to become completely unusable once exposed to water, and in many cases, drying them out may not even be an option. If that is the case, you need to ensure that your storage area has a few things.

Firstly, it needs to be leak-proof, a great way of doing so is getting the roof remade specifically to prevent rainwater from seeping through, and another way to do so is to not have pipes in the walls or on the roof, as that is seepage waiting to happen in the long term. Secondly, you need to make sure that there are windows, etc. or if there are, they are sealed shut well, otherwise you can risk water ruining your custom mailer box uk and causing undue stress for you and your business.

Do Not Stack Them Under Too Much Weight

A common mistake made by many people is that they allow their boxes to be stored under loads of weight, thinking that they will be safe. Unfortunately, if exposed to high pressure for extended periods of time, even the best custom printed mailer boxes are likely to succumb to gravity and weight, ultimately becoming deformed and eventually unusable. Always make sure that nothing goes on top of your boxes, otherwise they may be ruined. This may require some investing, but consider getting storage space just for your custom boxes, otherwise problems may occur.

Do Not Transport Mailer Boxes Unnecessarily

Some people make the mistake of moving their finished boxes around too much. From the manufacturing house to the storage facility, to the co-packer, then back to the storage facility, and then eventually to retail or the consumer. In each of these phases, you can incur losses in terms of wear and tear which may have easily been prevented if you asked your mailer box uk wholesale vendor to deliver directly to wherever it is required.

Are They Well-Covered and Shielded?

This is obvious for many custom boxes, but it may not be clear enough to some business owners. Which is fine, because we are all here to learn. You need to ensure that your mailer boxes are well-covere and shielde from the environment. Most mailer boxes are vulnerable to water, but almost all of them will become damage if they ar  out in the open, without any cover to protect them. Snow, rain, winds, and even sand can reduce the quality of your boxes by a lot.

Flattened Out Your Mailer Box UK

This is another key tip for storing them in order to get the most lifespan out of them. If you prioritise the right kind of storage. You can easily stack loads of custom mailer boxes in a small space simply by flattening them out. Obviously make sure they are empty, once confirmed, just keep them stacking onto each other, and you will find that storing your boxes is easier than ever and consumes the least amount of space!

Use Cardboard Inserts If Damaged

Let’s face it. Sometimes, damages are inevitably incurre. If that happens to you, do not throw out your boxes immediately. Insteadtry using cardboard inserts to bring your custom printed mailer box uk back to life! You can ask your vendor for some help finding the right kind of inserts for your specially customised boxes.

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Ask the Experts Their Opinions

When in doubt, consult the experts. Your mailer boxes wholesale seller is most likely to know their stuff, so do not hesitate in the slightest to reach out to them and ask them for help on how to increase the longevity of your boxes!

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