Ossare Reviews – Is it Legit or just a scam?

If you love to buy the latest jewellery and other accessories online then you must have heard about an online jewellery store “Ossare”, so today we’ll share the details about the legitimacy of this platform. We will also share Ossare Reviews later in this article to help you in making a better decision so stay connected with us to know all information.

This store offers the latest and most beautiful designs at affordable prices, prompting people to wonder, “Is ossare.com scam?” As the number of online scams grows, it is best to research these digital platforms before purchasing from them. Ossare carries elegant jewelry and accessories for both men and women, such as bracelets and watches. Continue reading to learn more!

Ossare Reviews – What does this store have to Offer?

Ossare is an online store that sells fashionable and elegant jewellery such as rings, bracelets, watches, and necklaces. Because this store is only available online, it is critical to determine the legitimacy of this platform. Nowadays, many stores use fake customer reviews to lure customers in, which is why we are assisting our readers in avoiding online scams. Take a look at Ossare’s specifications:

Official Website: https://ossare.com

Product Type: Jewellery and Accessories.

Refund policies: within 24 hours.

Return policies:  within 30 working days.

Creation date: 24th, September 2021.

Certification: Valid HTTPS Connection

Address: This store is only available online.

Ossare Reviews: Not available.

Payment options: PayPal, Mastercard, FB Pay, Amex, Discover, Google Pay, JCB, and Visa.

Email ID: [email protected].

Contact number: Not available.

Pros of buying from Ossare:

  • This website has not been listed among suspicious websites.
  • Ossare uses a secure HTTPS connection.
  • You will get the latest jewelry designs at very cheap rates.
  • This website has not been detected by any backlist engine, as per our findings.
  • The return and refund policies of the Ossare store are flexible.

Cons of buying from Ossare:

  • There are no reviews available.
  • Most people are not satisfied with buying this store.
  • The design of this website looks so unprofessional.
  • Social media links are not available.
  • It has a low trust rating.
  • COD option is not available, which means your hard-earned money might be wasted if you order from this store.

Is the ossare.com scam?

There are some factors that help in finding the legitimacy of any website so it is important that you go through them first before sharing your personal information with such suspicious platforms. We will share Ossare Reviews later but first, you should know these important details about this online store.

Copied Content:

The design and pattern of the Ossare store are not unique, it looks like they have copied the design of other websites. They are selling high-priced jewellery at cheap rates and we know that no quality products come at such cheap prices.

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False Shipping and Delivery Claims:

They claim to deliver products during 2-4 weeks which is a total lie because as per Ossare Reviews, people waited for months and never got their parcel even after paying in advance, this is something you should take into account.

Customer reviews:

All the professional stores and legitimate websites must contain customer reviews as they help new customers in making a better decision about buying from the specific store, however, it is a red flag when you can’t find product reviews on official platforms.

Company Address:

Company information, address, and contact number play an important role in proving the legitimacy of any website, and this store lack such information so it is very hard to say anything about the legitimacy of this platform because it is definitely a red flag.

Social Media Presence:

Social media links are not available on the official website which is something very important as people can easily share their thoughts and their experience with the company so it is quite suspicious when you don’t find them.

Unrealistic Policies:

The Return and exchange policies linked at the bottom of the checkout page of this website are so unrealistic and no authentic platforms ever set such policies. We all know that it is impossible to get a full refund and such stores never return the money.

Low Trust Score:

The trust scores of a website are extremely useful in proving the platform’s authenticity. A low trust score indicates that purchasing from such websites is not a good idea, and Ossare‘s trust score is quite low, indicating that it is not a trustworthy platform.

Ossare Reviews:

As we haven’t found any reviews on the official website so we investigated more and looked for the reviews on other platforms and found that people had a terrible experience with this store. People are claiming that this store is a scam as their credit card information has been misused. The store charged more money from people without any reason.

Furthermore, people are so dissatisfied because they haven’t received their order even after waiting for several months nor they got their payment back so according to Ossare Reviews, this store is not recommended to buy products.

Customer reviews are really helpful and allow others to evaluate the products, credibility, and services of the platform. It is our responsibility to warn our readers and that is why we have done deep research before giving any statement, so it is better to stay away.


At Ossare online store, the latest and trendy jewellery is available at cheap prices but due to some reasons we shared above, we have found this platform suspicious and we decided to investigate more about it. Unfortunately, we haven’t found positive feedback from its customers and almost all the Ossare Reviews are negative.

After what we have found, we cannot say that this is a legitimate platform. It is a new store and they might be trying to improve their website and services but as of now, you should stay away. Comment below if you had any experience with this platform.

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