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The essential thing about the privacy policy of Deep Tech Discovery is that we care about our cherished readers and respect their privacy. Deep Tech Discovery always tries to present the most recent trends and accurate information to its readers. That being said, it should be recorded that users who are concerned about their privacy while using our website can visit this page.  

You are also welcome to contact [email protected] with any questions you may have about our policies. Currently, Deep Tech Discovery covers a wide range of topics, including lifestyle, technology, digital marketing, celebrities, and many others, so that our audience can stay up to date on the latest information on thoroughly researched facts and reliable data without being concerned about their privacy. For a better understanding of our policies, see this page further. 

All About the Data Collected By Deep Tech Discovery 

This is to let all of our worried readers know that we never request any sensitive information or any private information from our consumers. We only gather the information that is necessary to enhance your interaction with us, and it is limited to your contact information. When your personal information is requested, we will let you know and never use it without your consent. 

Your full name, GPS coordinates, residential address, phone number, company name, and pertinent attachments may be included in the necessary information. All of this data is only acquired with the user’s consent and is used exclusively to enhance your interaction with us. 

Why Does Deep Tech Discovery Compile User Data? 

You automatically agree to a set of terms and conditions when you visit us in order for us to gather and use your personal information. Nevertheless, assuaging the privacy worries of our devoted users has always been our top priority, so read on for more information. We realize that you have the right to comprehend why we collect your data and how it is used. 

  • All of the data that Deep Tech Discovery gathers is done so with the user’s best interests in mind. 
  • It assists us in offering the right products and services to our users in accordance with their choices. 
  • The data gathered enables us to identify which areas need further development and modernization. 
  • It helps us to show our users appropriate advertising that they would find interesting. 
  • It assists us in keeping an eye on our website and identifying any fraudulent behavior. 
  • It also helps to ensure that our devoted readers don’t miss our crucial sales. 
  • The data is gathered in order to satisfy the tastes and demands of our customers and to make our high-quality services as accessible as possible. 

What is the Use of Cookies? 

Yes, Deep Tech Discovery employs cookies for the benefit of its readers, just like other platforms. They are necessary for keeping track of a person’s online activities and enabling us to adjust the website to the user’s preferences. 

Though it is entirely up to you, you can disable them by going to your browser’s settings, which is obviously not a good idea as it prevents us from enhancing your experience on our website. 

Information About Third-Party Applications 

To offer the finest services to our audience, Deep Tech Discovery has partnered with other businesses. It is significant to note that such third parties are not covered by Deep Tech Discovery’s privacy policy. Our engagement with third parties aims to better understand your preferences so that we can only provide content that you are interested in seeing. 

As soon as you leave our website, the policies change, as each website has different terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to read their privacy policies before using any other website or when you are led to any other page.

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For any query, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Last Updated Date: 19th May, 2024