How Do You Repair Cell Phone Backglass Like A Pro?

Cell phones are extremely sensitive and fragile. Although there are many everyday problems with cell phones, one of the major ones is broken backglass.

If your phone’s backglass is broken and needs repair, you might be wondering how to fix it or take the back off your phone. You can do this by 

Process To Repair Cell Phone Backglass  

Here is the detailed process that will show you how to fix the backglass of your smartphone.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • How your phone’s back glass is fastened to the device is very important to know before getting into the phone repair process. 
  • You can use adhesive glue to adhere the glass piece to the back of your phone smoothly and securely. The back glass will remain attached even if it is broken. 
  • You’ll need something to heat the glass to remove it carefully. 
  • Removing the glass without heating it is not advisable, as this could cause it to crack even more and dust small glasses. 
  • It’s important to exercise caution because of what’s under the glass. The back of new cell phones has fingerprint sensors. You could damage the cables if you go too far inside.

Follow These Steps 

You are now aware of the intricacy of the back glass on your phone. But what equipment would you require? Here are the details about the tools you need to repair the backglass of the phone.

  • Heat With Heat Gun: You already know that attempting to remove it without the right heating will only cause it to break even more. Therefore, a heat gun is the first item you need. You can precisely heat the area that needs heat with the use of a heat gun. It’s good if you have a heat gun. The adhesive will come off with heat, allowing you to proceed with the laborious task. 
  • Open With Suction Cup: You’ll also need a suction cup to make a tiny opening. 
  • Use Plastic Card For Further Opening: You should not use your ID or ATM cards to open the glass between the back of your phone; instead, use a plastic card. Continue heating and work along the edges once you have seen the opening, allowing you to slide the card across and remove the back glass completely. 
  • Use Alcohol To Avoid Adhesiveness: You can use alcohol to eliminate the adhesive’s stickiness. When you finish, it ought to be simple to remove.

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve managed to take off your phone’s glass back. What comes next? The next step is easy to do and doesn’t take much time. However, it needs your focus and attention. 

  • Applying Adhesive: The manufacturers have applied adhesive on your new glass back. You don’t need to apply it yourself. You can still apply adhesive on your own if it isn’t already there. A wide variety of adhesives primarily intended for this use are available. You can purchase pre-made strips specifically designed for your cell phone model. 
  • Attaching The New Backglass To Its Place: Once you have it, carefully check to see if any cables need to be connected to the phone’s motherboard. If not, place the new backglass on the frame and gently press the edges to ensure it returns to its original position. Apply paper or any other tape firmly but not too firmly to ensure that the back glass stays in place until it dries and solidifies.

Or… You Can Get Professional Phone Backglass Repair Services!

If you think the process sounds hard, you’re worried you won’t do it right. You always have the second option, so don’t worry. A reliable cell phone’s backglass repair shop like  Flash Fix Mobile is where you can get your phone issues fixed. They can quickly fix your phone at a reasonable price. If you think you can’t fix your phone, it’s best to choose their cell phone repair services and let them handle it.

Final Words

A broken backglass can be quite annoying. It’s best to have it fixed or do it yourself. If you have the right equipment and know-how, doing your repairs for your broken back glass might not be a bad idea.  All you have to do is be cautious. Otherwise, you can get professional phone backglass repair services

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