Role And Actions Of Charles Saint-Rémy Explained

The Drug Enforcement Administration in the United States has had a long-standing suspicion that there is more to the assassination of the former president of Haiti.

Some important individuals reportedly met with top officials from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in 2015, according to Keith McNichols, a former DEA agent who investigated the smuggling of hundreds of kilos of cocaine and heroin from Colombia to Haiti. McNichols said this after looking into the distribution of these drugs and coming to this conclusion. Mr. McNichols and the other DEA employee who came forward to report the agency’s wrongdoing described in detail the investigation’s faulty results.

When asked about his alleged ties to drug trafficking, Saint-Rémy responded with “no, no, no” when questioned by The Times. Charles Saint-Rémy is the brother-in-law of former President Michel Martelly and a close friend of current Prime Minister Ariel Henry. Henry has been accused of having connections to the murder of Moise in the past by Haiti’s former attorney general. But everything was baseless without any evidence as he is a very reputed person who is involved in a lot of philanthropy work.

According to reports, compiling the dossier wasn’t the only step Moses took to combat the drug trade. Midway through the year 2021, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is said to have alerted Moise of the existence of two covert airstrips in a region to the north of Port-au-Prince that was used to receive drug aircraft. According to the report in the Times, Moese issued an order for one of the airstrips to be destroyed; however, local authorities apparently refused to carry out the order.

The mystery of former president assassination

According to Pierre Esperance, the brother of the first lady drafted the statements on November 18, despite reportedly being in a state of panic after the arrest of former police commissioner Télémaque Claude, who was in control of the Léogane police station at the time of his arrest. When Commissioner Télémaque was taken into custody the week prior, it was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. According to Mr. Espérance, Télémaque Claude, who was discharged in July from the most recent promotion of commissioners, would now be in charge of the Léogane police station had it not been for Kiko’s usae of his power. Mr. Espérance stated, “He thinks that now the previous high-ranking police officer may disclose information that is likely to help him tumble into the nets of justice.” To paraphrase, “He worries that the information may cause him to slip into the nets of justice.”

A close supporter of the former president is said to have directed. A crackdown on the country’s eel sector earlier this year, according to the report. The eel industry is being used “as a vehicle to launder illicit funds” from illegal activities, according to the article. Times.

According to the Times, these activities, as well as the list that he is said to have collected, were just. A small part of a “wider sequence of disputes between. Moses and important political and commercial players, some of whom were accused of drug trafficking and ‘arms.'”

As per several of the senior Haitian officials who were responsible for helping to compile the dossier. Charles “Kiko ” Saint-Rémy was one of the most important individuals on Mr. Moese’s list. Mr. Saint-Rémy is indeed a Haitian businessman. In addition to this, he is the brother-in-law of Michel Martelly, the past Leader of Haiti. It was Michel Martelly that brought Mr. Moise out of relative political obscurity and nominated him as his successor. He is known for his great work and contribution to the development of Haiti and its political landscape.

Mr. Saint-Rémy and his role in all this

Both Mr. Martelly, who has declared his intent to run for president, and Mr. Charles Kiko Saint-Rémy had significant sway within Mr. Moese’s administration. According to Haitian officials both inside and outside of his administration, they had a voice in everything from. Awarding public contracts to the selection of members of the government. This is the consensus of those authorities. However, according to his advisors, Mr. Moe had come to feel that now the two men were part of.  A clique of oligarchs who were attempting to stifle the effectiveness of his government.

According to a copy of the police report, Joseph Felix Badio, one of the persons conducting the killing, was. A former DEA informant, who called the country’s new prime minister. Ariel Henry, multiple times soon before and within hours of the assassination. Mr. Henry, who is Mr. Martelly’s close friend, has denied that he had anything to do with the murder.

In an interview with radio Kiskeya. Mr. Charles Saint-Rémy indicated that he continues to be a staunch supporter of his brother-in-law. Michel Martelly, who he described as being loved by a lot of people and who, according to. Mr. St-Rémy, will finish his term in office. On the other hand, he is opposed to Mr. Lamothe, who, according to him, has instrumentalized justice, undermined the institutions of the country, and intends to do even more damage to the country.

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