EA FC 24: Efficient Strategies To Get 1,000 Packs For Team Of The Year

Do you want to get 1,000 packs for Team of the Year in EA FC 24?


If you want to achieve this goal, then after reading this guide, you will know the most efficient way to complete this process.

1000 Packs

In previous years, FIFA players will like stacking packs when preparing for TOTY. This year’s FC 24 players is no exception.


How you do this is quite simple. Whenever you do receive a pack, you don’t open it. Instead, you send it to the store and you keep it there. You wait. You’re going to hold that pack until you finally get around to the Team of the Year promo.


The Team of the Year promo happens towards the end of January and normally goes through to the beginning of February. When the promo is active, that’s when you can finally open a pack.

The idea by doing this is that you increase your chances of being able to get someone who’s going to be of substantial value. Bear in mind that most players part of Team of the Year typically start out being 1 million + FC 24 Coins. This is for the main team, with the exception of the Goalkeeper, which is typically slightly less.


Of course, by getting someone as part of Team of the Year, no matter their position and no matter whether they’re tradable or untradeable, they’re likely to be one of the best FC 24 Players within their position from now all the way up until Team of the Season. This can really give you an edge. That’s why players really go all out for this event.


So, with all of that in mind, how do you get as many packs as possible?

Division Rivals

Firstly, you should be going through Division Rivals.


Division Rivals are the start of everything. You can claim your weekly rewards every single Thursday. What you need to do really isn’t that difficult. You will need to win a minimum of 3 games or you can max out your reward by winning 7 games in EA FC 24.


Now, once you do this, there’s no real point to continuously keep on playing because the only way in which you can then increase your reward is by being promoted to another division.

It may be worth if you’re just 1 or 2 games away for you to play those games, win them, and get promoted to that next division, because that does give you a better weekly reward.


However, if you are further away and you need to play several games, it’s not really worth it. You might as well just wait until the following week because this is now where it comes into opportunity cost.


You’re able to increase your pack rewards as part of Division Rivals, but you could have actually spent your time elsewhere and got even more packs for the time in which you’re dedicating. The only other exception to this is if you do not have 1,250 Qualification Points.

Champions Play-Offs

To enter the Champions Play-Offs, you’ll need 1,250 Qualification Points. This stage marks a crucial step toward obtaining valuable rewards.


When navigating the Play-Offs and the subsequent Final, efficiency is key. It’s not about playing every single game, but about optimizing your time for the best possible outcomes.

While time is limited, it’s essential not to forfeit matches. Each game contributes to your progress and potential rewards, especially considering the upcoming Team of the Year event.


Focus on legitimate gameplay in the Play-Offs, aiming to secure as many rewards as possible. The goal is to achieve the highest rewards consistently.


Even after gaining the Qualification Token for the Champions Final, the gameplay doesn’t stop. Keep playing the matches to maximize your potential rewards.


Understandably, weekends may limit your time for gaming. Deciding whether to forfeit games in FC 24 for additional packs depends on your personal circumstances.


These stages – Division Rivals, Champions Play-Off, and Champions Final are pivotal in acquiring substantial rewards.


By strategically progressing through these stages, gamers can enhance their chances of receiving better rewards, especially crucial in the lead-up to major events like Team of the Year.

Squad Battles

If you have additional time, that’s when you can go through the likes of Squad Battles.

Squad Battles are very good just to add additional packs. They’re not going to give you the highest chance, but it’s just something that you can add on top.


If you have EA FC 24 Coins or even FC Points, you can then go into Draft.


Draft is great for this time of year, very similar to the likes of Squad Battles, except you don’t need to wait for weekly rewards. They are immediately paid out.

It does cost you 15,000 coins in order for you to enter or 300 FC Points. But if you have that laying about or even a Draft Token for that matter, it’s worth taking advantage of it right now, especially with FC Points. If you are looking to load up, it makes more sense and you’re going to have more rewards for your money if you went through Draft and you started right now.


But with everything that I’ve gone through, it’s somewhat of a given. All of these are going to be good in terms of giving you players and giving you rewards.


But some of your best packs will actually come from Objectives, especially if you can go and bring this all the way up to your seasonal progress within those last 10 levels.


This is where you can see some 84s, 85s, 86s + player packs. And this is really going to give you the highest possible chance of being able to get something good without it costing anything other than time.

So, while going through all those game modes that I just mentioned, you should really be taking time to build up your objective team. Swap out EA FC 24 Player Cards so that you’re completing as many challenges as possible.


You really should be able to go through 1, 2, 3 different challenges with every single game that you play in FC 24. You want to make sure that you’re claiming as many XP bonuses just so that you can progress through your seasonal rewards.


But any individual challenges should also be part of the teams that you’re playing with. This is where we’re really starting to stack things because now not only will you be able to claim the rewards from the game modes that you’re playing, you’ll also be able to claim rewards from the objectives through the individual challenges and also your seasonal progress.


We also can’t forget one of the biggest places in which you will be able to get packs, and that is through SBCs.


But you will face a problem because, going through all of those previous game modes that we just mentioned and instead of opening those packs, we’re just saving them, it means that you have a very limited supply of players. Pretty much, the players that you have within your club right now are the only players that you can use for SBCs.

And typically, it’s not going to be enough for you to claim a thousand packs. You won’t be able to claim a thousand packs just by playing games themselves, even if you started right this second and all the way to the point in which Team of the Year is released.

Trading Method

So, it is a good idea to pick up a trading method, even if it is something very basic, and buy FC 24 Coins to further improve upon that trading method so that you can get even more players and then start to divide profits.


Some of those profits will immediately go back into your account where you can continuously keep on using the exact same trading method. But also, a percentage of the profits should go back into buying players, which are then used to complete SBCs.


The SBCs that you go for are entirely up to you. I recommend avoiding any player challenges at this point because, yet again, what you get here isn’t typically the best, especially when it comes around to Team of the Year, where you will be able to go and find players who will be the best within their position and will be there until the end of Ultimate Team.


And I’m not saying by going through this, you have a guaranteed chance of being able to pack a Team of the Year. But now that you have been going through those trading methods, you should be able to build up to a million coins before then.

And with those million FUT 24 Coins, you’re not going to be able to buy a Mbappe, but you are certainly going to be able to buy someone. And the packs that you save will just give you an additional chance on top for you to get someone good, whether it be an honorable mention Team of the Year or just any other type of player during that time.


So, with this, make sure that you’re trading and make sure you’re building up a supply of coins that you can then use to buy into players, which can then be used to complete SBCs. Because this is really where you’re going to be able to build up the most amount of packs. They may not always be the best. Some of these might just be some of the traditional gold upgrades, but this just increases how many packs you can open during this time.


And with all of this, this links into our final part.


You to open a thousand packs during Team of the Year and for you to have a thousand packs before Team of the Year are two completely different things. If you really want to continue this grind, you can have over 1,000 packs. But if you are just looking to open 1,000 packs, you just need to recycle all the players you get from the packs that you do save into SBCs during the time in which Team of the Year is active where you can then open them.


You could probably have about 400 to 500 packs saved in your club before Team of the Year starts. Open all of those packs during Team of the Year. And even if you don’t get a Team of the Year player, you’re going to get loads of other players which can then be used and recycled back into SBCs. Because now you have a source for them, in which you’re going to go through this process all again, you use all of those players on the current SBCs to get additional packs.


By utilizing players in current SBCs, anticipate receiving approximately 300 more packs, then 150, and potentially more thereafter, culminating in the opening of over 1,000 packs for this promotional event.


Continuously recycle and optimize this pack accumulation strategy, aiming for efficiency in the process.

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