The Ultimate Guide to Different Electric Cable Colors and their Purposes

I’m not a soothsayer, but if you use the wrong-colored electric cable, you might face the worst circumstances. One can face networking issues when lacking knowledge regarding the different colors of electric wires. It is the ultimate guide to different electric cable colors and their purposes.

Pakistan was founded in 1947. At this time, experts developed the actual phenomenon of electric cable colors. If you also belong to Pakistan, this blog is just for you. I use Royal Classic Cable, a cable company in Pakistan. Being an electric cable user, I had to learn the color codes and assortment to save myself from future challenges. I have recognized the need to understand the basics of electric cable colors.

Since you are checking this post, you must be a DIY (do-it-yourself) lover. Therefore, you must learn network cable color codes before attempting your DIYs. Remember, “All electrical cables carry current,” so be aware of using the right color code for the right purpose.

Now you might think a rainbow assortment of electric cords is a little daunting. It’s true, yet it can get tougher when you start assembling the wires. It is crucial to recognize electric cable colors to save yourself from networking and bigger issues. It would be best to use cables, knowing their actual purpose.

Ethernet Cable Color

You must have come across Ethernet cables in your computer’s CPU. There are widely accepted color codes within Ethernet cables attached to computers. If you have reached this part of the blog while reading, you must be thinking, “what colors are Ethernet cables”? There is a broad category of Ethernet cables, including Cat6a, Cat6, Cat5e, and Cat5. These cables come in multiple hues and can be selected based on the requirement. The color codes are based on the network’s capability to adopt.

Colors are specially used to differentiate various Ethernet wires. Therefore, Ethernet cable color codes are developed. Each cable has its function, and all the wires have multiple roles in a system. The networking cable from royal classic cables can help you assort network colors. You can assort according to your preference. Some common network cable colors are orange, yellow, white, grey, green, and blue.

Importance of Ethernet Cable Color Code

Understanding the importance of Ethernet cable color code is crucial since it determines the cables’ consistencies. Electric cable colors distinguish each wire based on its consistency. Some commonly known Ethernet cable colors are given below:

Grey Cable

Grey Ethernet wiring color is one of the most common-colored wires. It is used as a standard cable for connection. Royal classic cables are also a provider of grey networking cables.

Blue Cable

The mostly used cable is the blue networking cable. The purpose is to develop a terminal server connection through this cable. Blue Ethernet cable is known for bringing terminal wire into one LAN (Local Area Network).

Green Cable

The widely used green networking cable is used for developing crossover connections. It provides a hub for various wires into contact. Wires come from different computers and are combined on one platform.

Yellow Cable

Yellow Ethernet cable is also an important part of all networking cables. It is used to develop POE connections. Yellow is known as the best color to determine POE connection, according to IEEE standards. This cable has an active electrical current and should be handled with care.

Understanding Color Codes

Patch cable colors are one of the most confusing electrical cables. However, it is a famous type of electrical cable having ten colors. The patch code jacket consists of the following series of colored electrical wires:

  1. Grey Wire: It is well known as a standard network connection cable
  2. Black Wire: It is the default color and is used to establish terminal server connection
  3. Red Wire: It is known as secondary Wire and is generally used in IP cameras
  4. Blue Wire: It is mainly used for terminal server connection
  5. Yellow Wire: Yellow cables are used in POE (Power over Ethernet) connection
  6. White Wire: A neutral wire connected to the neutral bus bar. It is an option and can be used for any function.
  7. Green Wire: These are used in a ground electrical circuit. A crossover connection can be established using green wires.
  8. Purple Wire: This Wire is used in maintaining non-Ethernet digital connections
  9. Orange Wire: It is also used in establishing non-Ethernet connections along with analog connections
  10. Pink Wire: pink colored wires are also somewhat similar to white. It is an option and can be used for any function.

One thing I have learned working with wires is staying consistent with the standards of cables. Moreover, the Rainbow allocation of wires is a standard. One should follow it to avoid networking issues. Therefore, one must adhere to these standards for troubleshooting and streamlining maintenance.

Color Codes for Networking

To understand network cable color codes, you must know the standard “ANSI/TIA/EIA606-A“. This standard determines the administration of telecommunication infrastructure of commercial buildings. Furthermore, it defines the labeling and cable identification for users. Royal Classic Cable follows all the required measures to label its networking cables. The following are the colors:

  1. White: Backbone cable at first level
  2. Grey: Backbone cable at the second level
  3. Red: Phone system termination
  4. Orange: Central office termination
  5. Yellow: Circuits, security, and alarms termination
  6. Green: Connects different computers to develop crossover connection
  7. Blue: Telecommunication media termination
  8. Purple: LANs and computer cables termination

If you are looking forward to developing a network, you must know and understand electric cable colors for great benefits. Moreover, you must rely on a trustable company. Hence, you can have the best computer user experience with these cables.

The company develops the best Ethernet and network cables. It uses multiple color code labels to distinguish between cables. This leading organization has found its place in Pakistan and joined hands with trustable clients. Therefore, RCC is always ready to help you choose the right cable color.

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