What’s the Difference between a Plot and Plot File in Real Estate

The Pakistani real estate market has changed dramatically during the last ten years. You can learn that the sector has grown significantly over the past few years with just a little research into Pakistani real estate. Moreover, numerous choices for real estate investment opportunities are available in every new housing society. In this blog, you will get to know the difference between a plot and a plot file in real estate.

Major Difference between a Plot and a Plot File

Before making a real estate investment, we all come across these phrases; for novice investors, it might be challenging to tell the difference between plots and plot files. As a result, understanding the difference between a plot and a plot file, as well as other relevant terms used in the real estate market, is crucial if you are a fresh investor.

How can you define the term plot?

A plot is a piece of the land plan to own by a natural person or a legal body, whether it is residential or commercial, and is refer to as such in the real estate market. In contrast to a property file, it is physically designated, numbered, and laid out in society. Also, the governing authorities approve the real estate scheme.

Additionally, a number identifies the plots that describe their type or location and also use to distinguish them. Real estate has already laid them out before making them available to the market.

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Define Plot File

It is a term used in real estate to describe a written agreement between a particular real estate investor and the owner of a plot of land with a certain area size within a planned or existing housing society or scheme. It is neither acknowledged nor sanctioned by the regional development authority, nor does it exist. However, after going through the voting phase of the relevant housing society or real estate plan, a specific number is given to property files. Then transform them into actual existing plots.

The plot file indicates that the individual will receive information regarding his plot area. But they won’t have a correct allotment of the land until the voting is complete.

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Investment Proof- Plot Vs Plot File

Buyers must know that they have proof of purchase whenever they invest in real estate. In the event of a plot, the specific piece of land will give a person all the markings necessary to understand their investment’s proof.

Additionally, physical investment proof in the form of an allotment letter will be provided in their name. It is necessary to give proper numbers to property files, and after the balloting, they turn into genuine plots. When the voting is through, they will have that file on hand that may use for more investment.

Where to invest plot or plot file?

Real estate in Pakistan requires a massive financial investment—possibly the greatest of your life. Considering both options carefully when deciding between a plot and a property file for a real estate transaction is crucial. Moreover, you should conduct thorough research before purchasing a plot or a plot file.

Further, plot files are given by more recent societies that are still in the development stage, whereas developed plots are found in societies that have been on the market for many years. Plot files are generally less expensive as a result since their purpose is to draw increasing amounts of investment. The fact that this is affordable may be due to the low legality of plot files. For instance, a developed plot might cost between PKR 35 and 60 lacs, yet a similar plot file can be acquired for between PKR 17 and 30 lacs. Plot files are of two types such as affidavit plot files, and balloting plot files.

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Bottom Line

In conclusion, where a person chooses to invest is entirely a matter of personal preference. The buyer must hunt for the best alternative that suits them. It should be based on the main differences between the plot and the plot file.

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