6 Easy Finishes for your Concrete Surfaces

Concrete is popular for its widespread benefits, such as durability and easy maintenance. However, one angle of concrete that is less known is its flexibility for customisation. 

Concrete can take many forms to blend with different ambiences. It can take on a contemporary finish for opulent spaces or a basic trowel finish for humble backgrounds. Whatever it may be, it does complete justice to the area.

So, what options do you have when it comes to concrete finishes? You might have offhandedly chosen Concrete Sealing in Melbourne always. This time, consider the broad range of concrete finishes we listed here. 

They are elegant, opulent, and durable! 

1. Coloured Finish

You can achieve a coloured concrete finish using mix-added pigments or post-cure staining. The biggest advantage of this finish is that you can get creative to blend with the surroundings. There’s no limit whatsoever!

One method to create a coloured finish is by mixing the pigments directly into the concrete mixture before pouring it. You can also apply stains on concrete of any age and create a coloured concrete finish, which is more vividly coloured. 

In the end, the placement of a seal over the concrete can protect the surface. Concrete sealing in Melbourne is a prominent step as it prevents moisture from seeping into the surface in cold climates. 

2. Plain Finish

Concrete is a hard substance. Thus when installed without any surface enhancements, it is referred to as having a plain concrete finish. The unadorned surface is strong, slick, and light grey in colour. 

Also, you can remove the moisture from concrete because this simple finish is permeable. This kind of finish is mostly chosen for outdoor areas due to its greyish, undecorated appearance. 

However, plain finish performs poorly in regions that see frequent dusting and staining. It is because concrete contains pores through which dust and debris gather, making it particularly challenging to clean.  

This is a significant drawback you must consider while mulling over the choices. 

3. Polished Concrete

Followed by concrete grinding, the surface is honed and polished to achieve the desired level of sheen. The categories of shine level vary from level 1, the lowest, to level 4, the highest. Level 4 is almost like a mirror, and you can see your reflection. Depending on your choice, the contractors can polish the surface. 

Some other varieties of polished concrete are burnished and hybrid concrete. People choose polished concrete for various reasons; the most common benefits are its durability, low maintenance, and range of possibilities. 

In fact, polished concrete is more durable than sealed concrete. Thus, if your priority is durability alone, polished concrete may be a better choice for you. 

Reach out to a good contractor for concrete grinding in Melbourne. They can give more insights based on your specific situations. 

4. Buffed Finish

If you want to keep the authentic feel and vibe of concrete as it is but still want to make it work for your home, then buffed finish is a great choice. 

This may not be as popular as other concrete finishes, yet it is equally beautiful. The word “buffing” means applying a polish additive to an off-mould concrete surface to create a glossy sheen and further concrete protection.

Though it is processed a bit to make it suitable for the building, this type of concrete retains most of its original look. 

5. Honed Finish

It’s another beautiful finish you can choose for your concrete surfaces. The honed finish gives an even and smooth finish while providing the visual appeal of an exposed aggregate finish. 

First, you remove the top layer using shot-blasting. Then you grind the surface with the help of a grinding disc to create a smooth finish. You need to hire an experienced provider of Concrete Grinding in Melbourne to have the best results. 

Also, a honed finish is slightly expensive as it requires additional labour. If you can spare a few extra dollars, a honed finish will be a great choice for homes and businesses alike. 

6. Sealed Concrete

As said in the beginning, this is the most preferred concrete finish. The fact that this is very common doesn’t make it any less desirable option. It is still a great concrete finish which is also called a grind and seal finish. 

The sealer applied on the concrete prevents moisture intrusion. However, this sealer may get damaged with time and due to foot or vehicle traffic. Thus, it needs resealing once in a while. 

Besides, there are more sub-types in sealed concrete, such as silicon, acrylic, epoxy, and polyurethane. If you choose concrete sealing in Melbourne anyway, consider these various options in it. 

Final Say

Laying concrete is an incredibly detailed process. Every step of it must be accurate as well as aesthetically appealing, especially the finish. 

You can reach out to Premium Concrete Resurfacing for any work related to concrete surfaces. Be it concrete sealing or concrete grinding in Melbourne, and everything will be top-notch. 

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