A Power Point Presentation or Winging It? An Independent Consultant’s View

PowerPoint has constantly appeared to me to be a stiff and unattractive manner to make a presentation. I even have in no way used a PowerPoint presentation over the many years of talking engagements and workshop displays I’ve done. I declined the use of it mainly as it hindered me from connecting with my target market. When you use PowerPoint, you have a tendency now no longer to be the point of interest of your target market, however instead what’s on the display is the target market’s focus.

The PowerPoint Presenter

A powerpoint night ideas presenter can regularly cover his degree of competence by having his target market’s interest directed at the display as opposed to at him. He can factor to and examine from the display, as opposed to searching at and being attentive to the responses of the target market and as it should be adjusting to living sincerely engaged. In my paintings as an impartial consultant, I gift workshops in addition to attending them.

In one which I these days attended the presenter become so wedded to the PowerPoint presentation, that after the projector malfunctioned, he become absolutely flabbergasted and become not able to maintain till he become capable of getting the projector operating properly. The target market, which includes me, become affected person with him due to the fact anybody become used to going to a PowerPoint presentation. I’m speculating, however, his PowerPoint presentation should simply have effortlessly been written through an employee, a colleague, or absolutely each person else.

The Winging It Presenter

When you wing it, you’ve got a 100% engagement together along with your target market. Up to now, I even have felt satisfaction in now no longer having to consult notes or a display in creating a presentation. My audiences speedy apprehend that I haven’t any kind of a crutch and display their appreciation in extraordinary methods.

I even was given applause as soon as after an hour and a 1/2 of the presentation without notes or a display, however nonetheless gave them what they expected, hardened them, and answered all their questions. I can not cover now and no longer understand my cloth due to the fact I’m speaking without delay to them, answering their questions, asking those questions, and ensuring that my précis leaves them with actionable data and the proper effect of me.

Integrating PowerPoint and Winging It

In winging it, it is incumbent upon me to be organized, recognize the situation depend intimately, and be capable of getting again on course after answering what would possibly regularly be a chain of questions. While winging it’s been seemed down upon in a few sectors, it nonetheless stays completely vital presentation ability especially for making quick displays. However, in that it has grown to be so noticeably expected, I am now integrating PowerPoint in my displays even as nonetheless efficaciously attractive to my target market. In my loose month-to-month Newsletter, I can be presenting presentation hints on how I’m doing this.

PowerPoint Presentations

With using generation our global has stepped forward immensely. There are greater methods than we are able to believe to give data. We can now gift precious records the use of generation which gives data in a maximum concise way wherein anybody has the danger to research. A very famous presentation layout determined in the enterprise is the electricity factor or “.pot” presentation. One of the maximum famous .pot displays determined in businesses nowadays is emotional intelligence displays.

Final Note

Recent research has demonstrated that this intelligence is one of the many keys to achievement on the subject of enterprise practice. Companies are keen to research greater approximately this subject because it pertains to the increasing enterprise. Universities are curious in addition it may be a precious aspect of coaching techniques for that reason college students can be higher educated. There is a completely excessive hobby and capability growth on this subject as research is conducted. Due to these accelerated studies, many groups are soliciting emotional intelligence assessments within side the shape of .ppt displays. It is a topic that depends on what anybody is involved in.

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