Buying an air conditioner isn’t as easy as it may sound to you. There are tons of considerations that you must follow in order to get your air conditioner working properly. You have to look out for several factors when buying a new air conditioner, including Efficiency ratings, inverter technology, and manufacturers, but these are all secondary, the first thing that should concern you is the size of the air conditioner that you’re about to buy.

In this blog, we’ll discuss everything that you must know before making a new purchase of an air conditioner.


There are several factors that should be thoroughly assessed before making a new purchase. In this blog, we’ll be listing a few factors that should be thoroughly examined in order to find the right size that would perfectly fit the area of your room.

Room Size

The size of your room matters the most. To make a thorough purchase, you first need to calculate the size of your room. After getting the calculations of your room, you need to calculate the BTUs of the air conditioner that would be suitable for your room. After getting ahead with these two calculations, only then you can opt for a purchase. The calculations might seem difficult to you, and for that you can always opt for a professional’s help.

Room Height

The height of a room also plays an essential part in determining how accurate a specific cooling capacity is. Rooms that have high ceilings will require a large amount of air to be cooled. Such rooms can always opt for a mini-split because they are much more efficient than a window air conditioner.

Wall Insulation

Wall insulation also plays a part when you’re opting for a new air conditioner because if you have wall insulation installed then the requirement of cooling in your room is less as compared to the non-insulated rooms. So, it’s better to figure that out before making a new purchase.

Humidity Levels

If the humidity levels are higher in your room, then you should opt for an extra-capacity air conditioner. As you know that an air conditioner works as a dehumidifier, so it can easily remove the excessive humidity surrounding your room and you will observe a significant difference in the temperature.

Number of People

The cooling capacity and size of an air conditioner also depend on the number of people willing to share the room. If the number of people sharing the room is more than 3, then you should opt for an extra capacity air conditioner, so everyone can get the maximum comfort.


The larger the size, the better it cools. But as ideal, as it sounds, it’s not a safe option for you. The considerations that we just discussed are important for size selection because if you play it safe and opt for a large-sized air conditioner then it will obviously require much more electricity to function than required which will eventually lead to high energy bills.
Moreover, if you opt for a small-sized air conditioner which is not according to the requirements of your room, then there would be insufficient cooling and no comfort for you. It will consume energy but you won’t be able to enjoy the comfort of cooling.
Both of these conditions can cause stress for you and for that reason it’s very important to select the size as per the requirement of your room.


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