Best Wedding Packages – Book Your Budget Package in A Few Clicks

Weddings, birthdays, community celebrations, and winning parties are events people love to attend and enjoy.

Recently, planning a dream wedding on a budget has been on-trend. And here are some wedding packages to make your big day a grand success.

GKS Convention – Wedding Venues, Choolai, Chennai.

GSK Convention in Chennai is one of the city’s most popular banqueting venues. Making each celebration a huge success is its goal, even if the function is small. Since the location is away from the central city, it’s a peaceful place to enjoy your big day and can accommodate up to 1500 people. They provide hassle-free parking facilities for visitors and have an adaptable catering strategy.

Mussourie’s Royal Orchid Fort Resort

Mussourie, Uttrakhand, is home to the Royal Orchid Fort Resort. The group of professionals will effectively have all your wedding requirements coordinated in the way you want. It offers a magnificent environment that makes you and your guests feel welcome.

It contains 58 rooms to accommodate visitors with luxurious improvements and wedding settings to have your pre-wedding ceremonies such as Haldi, mehndi, and your dream wedding function. They provide delectable vegan and non-veggie dishes. They also offer alcohol at the hotel.

Goa’s Pride Sun Village

Find the ultimate balance of innovation and tradition at Pride Sun Village Resort and Spa. Set in a beautiful harmony of peace and grandeur, the hotel provides unrivalled lodging and an expertly planned setting for your wedding.

It offers 127 extremely luxurious rooms. They offer a corridor suitable for pre-wedding, post-wedding, and your wedding function. Please give them the benefit of assisting your special day.

Jaipur’s Hari Mahal Palace

Hari Mahal Palace in Jaipur is an extraordinary legacy property arranged in the city’s heart for an exotic wedding which can cost you around Rs. 15 lakh. It was built as Rajadhiraj Hari Singhji’s city house. The royal home is designed in a British, Mughal, and Rajputana style.

The royal apartments of the castle have been converted into 11 suites while keeping the imperial history in mind. It includes 50 rooms with luxurious amenities for your guests. Their culinary administrations prepare delectable meals. The castle offers everything you need to make your stay memorable.

Jodhpur, Marugarh

Marugarh Resort in Jodhpur has all you need to plan your pre-wedding event, including a spacious lawn and two long dinner corridors.


There are 51 rooms in all. You can choose the more modest feasts for your pre-wedding services and the enormous lawn for the ultimate massive Indian wedding. With its variety, loftiness, and productivity, the retreat also provides an incredible spread of vegan and non-veggie food for your wedding day.

Shimla’s Fortune Forest Hill

This wedding scene is located in the Solan Valley, not far from the Himalayan Express Highway (NH-22). This exceptionally peaceful venue is situated amid the forest and on a slope, contrasting the franticness and mayhem of daily life.

Here you will find rich flora and the extravagances of a 5-star hotel. There are 48 rooms in all. They are prepared to supply meals with faultless service, numerous perfect quality comforts, and a wide selection of exciting workouts for your guests with a group of big-hearted, devoted, and consistently grinning employees.

Jaipur’s Ummaid Haveli Kukas

After Goa, Jaipur is the most sought-after wedding destination in India. If you want to plan your dream wedding in a great grandeur and excellent setting, the Umaid Haveli in Jaipur is the place to be. The large scale of the site, with both outdoor and indoor areas, is perfect for wedding receptions. It features 55 rooms and three wedding settings for your wedding. They supply in-house cooking administrations and examine other food suppliers.

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