Tips for Designing to Getting Great Custom Mailer Boxes

Custom mailer boxes are the best way to add a unique and special look to your business in the USA. Whether shipping products or sending out promotional materials, getting great custom printed mailer boxes is an important part of the process. But with so many design options available, it can be intimidating to figure out which style will work best for your needs. This article will provide some essential tips on designing mailer boxes to ensure your packaging stands out from the crowd.

Benefits of Using Custom Mailer Boxes:

Custom mailer boxes can provide numerous benefits to businesses. They can help improve brand recognition, packaging efficiency, and cost savings in the long run.

One of the primary benefits of mailer boxes is improved brand recognition. By having a custom box tailored to your business’s branding, you create a distinct and recognizable package for customers when they receive their product. It helps build trust between your company and its customers, as they know exactly who it is from before opening it.

Another benefit of using printed mailer box is increased packaging efficiency. By having a box that fits the exact dimensions of your product(s), the shipping process becomes more streamlined; there is no wasted space or need for extra packing materials inside the box, which leads to cost savings in both money and time spent on packing products for shipment.

Custom Mailer Boxes

Steps for Designing your Mailer Packaging:

When designing custom mailer boxes, there are a few key steps that should be followed to create the right box for your product.

First, you’ll want to determine the size and shape of your box. You’ll need to consider your product’s size, how much padding you want around it during shipping, and any other special features, such as handles or inserts. Once you have a general idea of the size, you can start designing the layout and graphics for your box.

Next, you’ll want to consider materials for your box. The materials used will depend on how much protection is needed during shipping and how durable the box needs to be when sent out over long distances. You might opt for corrugated cardboard if extra strength is needed or choose something more lightweight, like chipboard, if cost savings are desired.

Custom Mailer Boxes

Factors to Consider when Designing Boxes:

When designing custom mailer boxes, there are certain factors to consider. First, you must consider the size of the product(s) you plan to send in the box. If your product is small and lightweight, you may opt for a standard cardboard box with minimal cushioning inside. However, if your item is large or fragile and needs extra protection during shipping, you should use a larger-sized box with additional bulk cushioning inside.

Another factor to consider when designing boxes is the material quality. Corrugated cardboard used for most applications and provides adequate strength and protection; however, if your items require further protection against moisture or shock damage, foam packaging inserts might be necessary.

Tips for Getting Great Results:

Creating a custom mailer box can be an exciting way to add flair to your products and packaging. However, ensuring that your chosen design will give you great results is important.

Here are some tips for making sure your boxes look great:

First, take time to plan out the design of your custom mailer boxes. Make sure you have thought through every detail, including the type of material used and how the finished product should look. Consider selecting a bright color or unique pattern that will stand out from other packages in the post office system. Choosing an eye-catching design will help draw attention to your mailers and brand.

Next, use online tools and resources to review examples of popular custom mailer box designs before finalizing yours.

Cost of Customized Mailer Boxes:

When designing great custom mailer boxes, it’s important to consider the cost. It can vary in cost depending on various factors, such as size, materials used, and the type of finish. Customized mailer boxes with intricate designs require more resources and therefore come with a higher price tag.

However, if you want something more durable or unique, you may need to invest in additional supplies such as plastic or foam. Additionally, specialty finishes like embossing or debossing can often add extra costs depending on the complexity of your design.


Designing a custom mailer box may seem intimidating initially, but with the right approach and a few simple tips, you can create an eye-catching mailer box that will make your product stand out from the competition. Taking time to consider the size of your mailer boxes, deciding on the best shipping materials, and adding personalized touches to make them stand out are all important aspects of successful custom mailer-box design. Additionally, any artwork used must be high-quality and appropriate for printing purposes.

Finally, it’s essential to source reliable suppliers to provide quality workmanship when manufacturing your custom mailer boxes. Working with experienced professionals who understand production processes and factors such as fast turnaround times can save you time and money in the long run while ensuring that your end product meets expectations.

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