Friendly to the environment If you want to “Go Green,”

Factors that make an air conditioner beneficial to you Studies indicate that the past ten years have been 6.5 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than previous years. As a means of combating the heat of summer, air conditioners have replaced air coolers in many locations. However, the evaporative cooling device continues to be pursued by a large number of people without any issues. In hot, dry climates, an air cooler absolutely performs better. Obviously, using air cooler also has a few advantages. Air conditioners not only save money on electricity, but they also have other positive effects on the environment that are hard to ignore.

air cooler
air cooler

Everyone is aware that CFCs, which are bad for the environment, are the refrigerant that air conditioners use. Air coolers are better because they use plain water as the refrigerant and have a natural evaporative cooling system. Additionally, compared to air conditioners, air coolers consume between 80% and 90% less electricity. Thus, they are also contributing to energy conservation in some way.

Lowest operating and capital costs In terms of both capital and operating costs, air conditioners are significantly more expensive than air coolers. Operating and capital costs for air coolers are significantly lower. Because their total cost is significantly lower than that of an air conditioner, air coolers have an advantage over air conditioners when it comes to the costs of both the product and the installation. Air conditioners, on the other hand, consume 80% more energy to run than air coolers do. In an hour, a 1.5-ton air conditioner would consume 1.2 to 1.5 units of energy, whereas an air cooler would consume 0.2 to 0.3 units.

Air coolers are without a doubt the best way to get cold air.

Air coolers are simple to maintain because of their straightforward construction. The water pump and the fan motor are frequently the two most important parts of an air cooler that can fail and need to be replaced. Both of these components are interchangeable and readily available. Installation Is Not Necessary Do you immediately require colder air?

Air coolers are an excellent choice if you’re looking for something that doesn’t need to be installed, despite the fact that air conditioning systems are effective at cooling the air.
Window or duct-connected air coolers are not required. Because they take up less space, they are also ideal for smaller spaces. Turn it on to enjoy the cooler air in the room!
This is also advantageous if you live in a rental house. Because you might move again in the future, you might prefer the simplicity of not having to install a cooling device. As a result, moving doesn’t require any additional uninstallation steps.

One of the main advantages of air coolers is that they are so portable and small. This means that you can use one unit for your entire home if you live alone. For instance, you might prefer to be cold when you’re cooking in the morning, but you need cold air to sleep soundly at night. Fresher, better, and easier to breathe air We all know that getting fresh air makes it easier to live a healthier life and reduces the risk of respiratory problems. One of the main benefits of an evaporative cooler is fresher and cleaner air. In contrast to air conditioners, which circulate the same dry air throughout the room, air-coolers use the evaporative cooling process, which means they exchange the interior stale air with the exterior fresh air. Dust filters and antibacterial honeycomb pads in Havells air-coolers with Breatheezee Technology help remove dust particles and thoroughly clean the air, making it healthier, cleaner, and easier to breathe.

air cooler
air cooler

Final Thoughts

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