Highschool DxD Season 5: Is it renewed or canceled?

We know that it is so hard to wait for new seasons of your favorite shows and sometimes they got cancelled due to various reasons. So, in this article, we’ll tell you about high school dxd season 5 and whether it is going to be renewed or not. If yes, then we’ll tell you when, so stay connected with us till the end of this article to know all the details.

When in 2012, the first volume of this Japanese anime series was published and it gained popularity and appreciation from different countries. The story of Highschool DxD revolves around Issei Hyoudou who is a pervert and aspires to be a Harem King. The events that happened in his life and how his life was affected due to them are so interesting.

One of the popular TV shows High school dxd is written by Ichiei Ishibumi and illustrated by Miyama Zero. It’s been years since the fourth season of this series was released and the fans are desperate to know about the renewal of highschool dxd season 5. Is it really going to be renewed or the officials has stopped making it? Let’s learn more about it!

Is high school dxd season 5 going to be renewed?

The fans of the high school dxd Japanese series are done waiting for season 5 and now they want answers about whether season 5 of this popular show is going to be released or not. Fans of this series are perplexed because they can’t understand why it hasn’t been renewed despite having an excellent storyline and character development.

If you are one of them then we are sorry to inform you that there hasn’t been any confirmation of high school dxd season 5 from the officials. When season 4 of this series ended, it gave hints of season 5 which is why people think that there will be a season 5 in the future but there is no news from the makers of this animated series.

The good news is that there are chances of making high school dxd season 5 because there are so many aspects that creators of this series can cover in season 5 so one thing is clear they can easily make a story. Furthermore, the fifth season was previously confirmed by the officials as per the Cine Talk, however, its production was postponed due to the pandemic.

When the high school dxd season 5 is expected to release?

The date of its release is not confirmed yet by the officials but we are still thinking positively and hope that they will announce it soon. Many of the series’ fans are using different social media platforms and requesting to release highschool dxd season 5 but they haven’t heard anything positive yet from the creators of this series.

Moreover, the news is revolving on the internet that the author has started writing the high school dxd season 5 and there are many chances that the show might be announced next year. It is expected to be released at the end of 2023 or in 2024 but still, there is no confirmation news from the officials. However, we suggest you stay positive and keep pushing them to release it ASAP.

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What could be the storyline of high school dxd season 5?

As many high school dxd fans are desperately waiting for season 5 and at the same time, they are wondering about the storyline of high school dxd season 5. If you are also the one then tell us in the comment box what you think could be the storyline of season 5. We assume that the fifth installment might focus on Issei and Sairong.

Season 4 of this series followed the events of volumes 9 and 10 and Issei and Sairong battled in the previous season. Issei also used The Cardinal Crimson Promotion, a cool and massive power-up for his Scale Mail and this season also included some much-anticipated romance for fans. So, the high school dxd season 5 is likely to follow volumes 10 and 11.

We all know that the Middle-Class Promotion Test is required to promote Issei, and he must face it. Upon passing the test, Issei will be ranked above the low-class in the Devil’s strength ranking system. He also must deal with Koneko who discovered how close Issei to Rias is and he is not happy. Let’s hope that they soon release the details so we don’t have to guess.

Wrapping Up:

High school dxd is a well-known Japanese series that has gained international acclaim. It has four seasons, but the last season ended in a way that hinted at the next season, and fans have been waiting for high school dxd season 5 ever since.

However, there is no official news or hints regarding the story or the release date of the fifth season, nor have they cancelled the show, so we hope to hear from the officials soon and hope that the fifth season is going to be as good as the previous ones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is High School DxD getting a season 5?

Even though this Japanese light novel series got a huge appreciation from the audience, it is not officially renewed for the fifth season yet.

Is High School DxD anime over?

The author “Ichieie Ishibumi” of the light novel series has confirmed that the series is not over and that fans can expect to hear from the creators about the next season soon.

What is the High School DxD season 5 release date?

Officials confirmed that season 5 of High School DxD would be released at the end of 2022, but it was postponed and is now expected to be released in 2023.

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