How to Buy Surround Speakers

A surround sound system is an excellent investment if you want to improve your home theatre experience. Surround sound speakers immerse you in the action, increasing the enjoyment of movies, TV shows, and games. There are several factors to consider when purchasing surround sound speakers, including a budget, room size, and personal preferences.

Here’s a buying guide for surround sound speakers:

  • Establish Your Budget

The first step in purchasing surround sound speakers is to establish a budget. Surround sound systems can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the quality and features desired.

  • Room Dimensions and Layout

You should measure the size of your room and consider its layout before purchasing a surround sound system. A larger room will necessitate a more powerful system than a small one, and an open floor plan will influence speaker placement.

  • Configuration of Speakers

Surround sound systems come in a variety of configurations, including 5.1, 7.1, and 9.1. The “.1” indicates the presence of a subwoofer. A 5.1 system includes five speakers and a subwoofer, whereas a 7.1 system includes seven speakers and a subwoofer.

  • Type of Speaker

Surround sound speakers are classified into two types: bookshelf and tower. Tower speakers provide more powerful sound and better bass response than bookshelf speakers because they are smaller and easier to install.

  • Is it better to be wired or wireless?

Surround sound speakers can be linked to your home theatre system via wired or wireless connections. Wired connections are more stable and reliable, whereas wireless connections allow for greater flexibility in speaker placement.

  • Brand and Specifications

Consider the brand and the features it provides when shopping for surround sound speakers. Popular manufacturers include Bose, Sony, Yamaha, and Klipsch. Bluetooth connectivity, multiple inputs, and adjustable bass and treble are all desirable features in speakers.


Finally, when purchasing surround sound speakers, several factors must be considered, including a budget, room size and layout, speaker configuration, type, connection, brand, and features. Spend time researching and comparing products to find the best system for your home theatre setup.

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