Top 6 Quality Traits a Pilot Must Have To Fly Jets

Among the hardest occupations in the world, the designation of pilot stands tall. Most people believe it’s similar to driving a bus with a driving license, training, and expertise. However, it’s more challenging than it sounds. Being a pilot brings hefty responsibility on one’s shoulders, both in commercial and private flying. Yet, what sets it apart is that commercial airlines don’t make you choose your pilot.

On the other hand, the latter entirely comply with the passenger’s requirements. Those who’re likely to book a private jet from Dubai to London or elsewhere must look past the luxuries of the plane, directing to the pilot’s experience and professionalism. But how would you do so? Don’t worry, as this guide has everything you need to look for in a pilot for your next foreign trip.

  • Efficient Communication Skills 

For any pilot, having smooth and efficient communication skills is crucial. It doesn’t matter if they’re conversing with the air traffic control, passengers, flight attendants, or the co-pilots; they must deal with it understandably. Also, real-time communication is essential when taking off the ground and landing on the destination. Unlike traditional flying, pilots in private jets are responsible for staying connected to the passengers and updating them on their whereabouts. They can seamlessly convey their thoughts to the other party by speaking clearly and authoritatively.

  • Ability to Decision-making Instantly 

During flights, there are times when pilots have to decide at the moment, and often, there are no other consultations available. While all the flights are entirely by the books, if something goes out of the script, a pilot must be able to use their experience and judgment and emerge with the best idea to handle a situation. Whether it’s about turning the plane around due to a medical emergency or an urgent landing, it’ll be their call. So, they need to be wise enough to make such decisions. 

  • Grit is Mandatory 

Grit refers to the ability to preserve even when situations get challenging. Not only is it important during long flights, but it also builds the credibility of the private jet agency. They are expected to lose control at moments as being away from family and kids is heart-burning. Yet, that’s what the profession demands from them. But, they can easily ace it with occasional breaks from work and unwinding among their loved ones. Having grit certainly does not imply getting exhausted, yet extending your tolerance and showing patience with a job is the key.  

  • Pay Attention to the Detail 

One of the many crucial aspects is that pilots need to pay strict attention to even the most minor details. It’s vital to listen and follow all the orders from the authority. As there are a lot of factors they’re foreseeing, letting one step slip their mind can lead to disasters. Unlike commercial flying, it’s even essential for a private jet flyer since the reputation of the aircraft agency is at stake. Besides this, they need good situational awareness about the aircraft, weather, speed, altitude, fuel levels, engine, and more.

  • Friendly Team-working Mode 

When hiring a private jet, you get a team of crew members starring attendants, pilots, co-pilots, chefs, and much more. However, the responsibility of maintaining the work curriculum lies on the shoulders of the pilot. He needs to communicate with the crew and ATC controllers to ensure a safe and smooth voyage for the passengers. Also, they must coordinate with the travellers as well. In some cases, miscommunication among the crewmembers can even lead to plane crashes and accidents.

  • Understanding Technical Info 

Last but not least, pilots need to be aware of the technical terms associated with the plane. In addition, they must know the technical procedures to be carried out throughout the journey. As such, a pilot must check the external and internal conditions of the jet before taking off. While ensuring an adequate fuel supply is mandatory, the aircraft should be in top-notch condition. Although aviation engineers are answerable to the authority, the pilots will be equally accountable in case of a mishap.  

Final Thoughts

All in all, pilots are the backbone of any aircraft agency. It’s expected of you to forget to consider the right pilot as you delve into the luxurious interiors of the jet. However, it is your utmost duty when skimming through the best aircraft charter services in town. With that, we’ll end this guide, which will surely come in handy when beginning your aircraft agency hunt.

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