Types of Floor Systems according to Materials

Floors are a requirement of every day structure. They serve as a path for walking, sitting, or living. Egyptians are the most famous nation in terms of creation and formation. They used different theories to make the floors look good.

Types of Floor

There are many types of floors depending on the material, usage, and requirement. If we check, hilly areas have their separate requirement in terms of floor.

Similarly, the Dessert area has some other needs according to the weather conditions. According to Material, here are some types of floors discussed below:

1. Wooden floor

Wooden floor is made up of timber planks or from the wood of the tree. They serve as great insulators. Planks are pasted on the floor through glue or other adhesive material. So wood floor cleaning can be done by using different means like detergents , mops etc.

The advantage of using timber or wooden floors is they keep places warm or hot as they are the insulator material. Mostly wooden floors made in Cold areas in order to avoid cold at homes, offices and other public or private places.

2. Stone floor

The Stone floor is mostly made in villages. Stone floors are the simplest and oldest type of floor. Stone is the cheapest and most readily available material in every area. It makes stone floors the most widely used floor.

Stone floors lack aesthetics, but they are strong. Stone floors are the cheapest, and their formation is easy. This does not need much expertise.

3. Carpets

Carpets are woolen fibers that fit the floor and stick to it through glue. They are mostly used in homes to cover the floor and resist temperature changes. In cold regions where temperatures are low, carpets play a good role in insuring rooms or office places.

4. Tile floor

Tile floors are mostly used in homes for aesthetic purposes. These tiles are mostly made up of marble. Assemble the marbles together and paste them with a white cement paste. Finishing work will be done after completing the application. The marble finishes create smooth and shiny surfaces on the floor.

Tiles for marbles are extracted from mountains. Through abrasive blasting, tiles can be cleaned, and dust can be wiped off from the floor.

5. Concrete floor

Concrete floors are mostly used where there is a wide area to be covered. Concrete floors are made with cement, sand, and crushed. Adding a specified amount of each material and mixing it together makes concrete. Making concrete floors is one of the economical ways of creating floor systems.

Concrete floors give strength as well as longevity. The best thing is that these materials are not very expensive.

Final Wording

All these floors are important, but the most commonly used floor nowadays is concrete flooring. The efficient way is when manpower is less required. In these busy days, the most expensive resource is manpower. The remaining materials are also very expensive but not as much as manpower.

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