What Format Should Be Used for a Letter of GST Revocation?

By sending a GST revocation letter, also known as the Revival of Supplies, entities that have registered for GST are allowed to revoke their registration and re-register for GST within sixty days of the cancellation date.

The organisation that wants to revoke its registration must download the form. Fill it out, and sign it before sending it to the Australian Tax Office (ATO). The form is available on the Australian Tax Office’s website (ATO). However, make sure you are totally familiar with the correct formatting before you send in your letter of revocation!

Identify your client clearly.

To cancel a GST registration, GST101 must be completed and signed. The form has fields for your signature and the date of the cancellation. The end date must also be communicated to us in writing.

By checking this box, you attest that you are no longer a business entity operating in Australia and that your GST registration has expired. You won’t be able to cancel your registration if you’re under investigation or if we have cause to believe that you stopped doing business to avoid paying taxes or other legal consequences.

Type the name of the company here.

The XYZ Company is registered for GST and has an Australian Business Number. I have now given notice that I want to revoke my application for GST in Australia. I would no longer be a GST-registered person as of the day I informed you of my decision to terminate this Agreement.

This letter acts as my formal notification to you that, as of that date. I am no longer offering any goods or services that are subject to taxation under the A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999. Complete tax returns are due on May 27, 2018, and Company XYZ’s current tax period concludes on March 31, 2018. Therefore, upon cancellation of Company XYZ’s registration, our Agreement shall terminate.

Share Your Contact Details

You can cancel your GST registration company with the IRD by sending a letter, email, or fax. Remember to include in. Please send me your complete name and postal address. the last day your company is open for business. When and on what day this alert was sent. Confirmation of the demise of your business (e.g. an IRD 28 cancellation notice).

Including their e-mail address, too

Here are some things to think about while writing your GST Revocation Letter after providing your contact information (name, address, and signature):

  • Everything begins on the day the revocation notification was issued.
  • Mention that your registration cancellation notification has been sent.
  • You or someone on your behalf may sign this.
  • Make sure people know how to contact you (name, address, and phone number).
  • As of right now, I am delivering notification that I want to cancel my position as an input tax seller.

Make an outline for your letter of GST revocation.

A formal letter from the business to the government declaring the cancellation of the GST Return Filing Services is known as a GST revocation letter. You must get in touch with your local ATO office and request that your information be deleted from their database if you want to cancel your GST registration.

To do this, you’ll need to give them information like your ABN, the beginning and ending dates of your registration, and the day you wish to be deleted from their records. You must email a copy of this important document to the recipient to verify receipt.

Get right to the point and don’t take your time

What is the GST? GSTR stands for Goods and Services Tax. GSTR is a consumption tax, similar to VAT, that is normally paid by the end user. For purchases and sales of various goods and services, the Commodities and Services Tax (GST) is imposed in a different manner.

Doing business in India, importing a few certain goods, and selling a few particular goods are a few instances of this activity. Who is required to register for the GST? Any firms that carry out the aforementioned activities must register in order to be able to charge GST to the government.

How can I unregister from the GST? Simply send an email or letter to the responsible government department to cancel your registration. Declaring your intention to do so in clear terms and including your name, PAN. Additionally, please include the address where we should send your documentation.

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