5 Working Solutions to Fix Netgear Extender IP Conflict Error

The list of the top-performing WiFi gadgets is incomplete without mentioning Netgear extenders. Due to their wonderstruck features and seamless internet access via the Netgear_ext, they have become a household name now. But, being on the list of high-performing devices doesn’t mean that they won’t put you in a trouble. Since they deal with the technical realm, their chances of falling victim to issues every now and then are more. One such issue that we’ve tried to cover in this post is the Netgear extender IP conflict error. This post highlights some of the topmost working solutions that will help the user fix the IP error with the range extender. Let’s first start with a brief description of the error.

What is Netgear Extender IP Conflict Error?

A Netgear extender functions by taking signals from the host router and transmitting them over the entire establishment. However, it’s not that easy. To get the signal transmission job done, the extender is assigned an IP address by the router. FYI, the default IP address of your Netgear range extender and that on the list of the router may vary. The default one is used to manage the extender’s settings whereas the one assigned by the router couples them. You can keep them the same by accessing your router’s settings.

However, if the IP address of your extender [whether assigned by the router or the default one] matches that of any device present in the entire home network, the Netgear extender IP conflict error is what you will come across. What needs to be done in that scenario has been discussed in the next segment in detail. Thus, make sure that you become more attentive now.

How to Fix Netgear Extender IP Conflict Error?

  • Restart the Extender

Know that whenever the extender is powered up and attempts to connect to the host router, it receives a new IP address. There’s a possibility that your router has assigned the same IP address to your extender and other devices present on the home WiFi due to heavy network traffic. In that case, restarting your range extender will be of great help. Once you restart your extender, a new IP address will be assigned to it and maybe the Netgear extender IP conflict error gets resolved. To your knowledge, restarting the extender is all about keeping it powered down for some seconds and powering it up again.

  • Place the Devices at a Safe Distance

The improper placement of the Netgear extender is an equally responsible factor when it comes to creating the IP conflict error. Perhaps, you’ve placed your extender and router so close that their wireless signals are literally messing up. Is it true? Well, then you need to increase the distance between your WiFi devices. Remember to place the extender within the range of the host router. Keeping it too much can bring internet issues to your table as the wireless communication between the extender and router will become poor.

  • Change the Extender’s Settings

If you’ve still not been able to fix the Netgear extender IP conflict error, then you might need to access its settings now and manually assign it a unique IP address. For this, perform Netgear extender login using its default web or IP address. Once logged in, get to the Advanced Settings section and disable the DHCP settings. Know that when the DHCP server is enabled, the same IP gets assigned to multiple devices. Perhaps, it is your Netgear extender that has assigned its IP address to a device accessing it. For example, the IP address gets assigned to every networking device present in the home network if DHCP is enabled. Disabling it will surely help you out.

  • Update the Firmware

Let’s not forget an important constraint of your Netgear range extender i.e. the firmware. If your Netgear extender keeps running on an outdated version of the firmware, then also you can face the IP conflict error. To get the issue resolved at hand, consider upgrading the extender’s firmware to the latest version. For this, either the Nighthawk application or the web-based management console of the extender will come to your aid. However, do not try to interrupt the firmware update process.

  • Reconfigure the Extender

Lastly, an improper configuration of the extender can also push you into the mess of the Netgear extender IP address conflict error. Therefore, you are required to reconfigure your WiFi device. However, you need to restore your extender to the default settings first. For this, push the Reset button. Once done, perform the extender setup again.


Getting the Netgear extender IP address conflict error is a normal thing. We hope that the troubleshooting hacks mentioned in this post will help you resolve it with ease. If you like this write-up, do leave a word of appreciation in the comment section.

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