A Tough Summit Ascent on Pangarchulla Peak


The Pangarchulla Peak is located in the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve in Uttarakhand, India. It is a part of the Garhwal Himalayan range and is known for being a challenging summit to climb. The peak is approximately 5,600 meters (18,372 feet) high and is surrounded by glaciers.

The Pangarchulla Peak is a unique summit due to its height, location, and difficulty level. It is one of the tallest peaks in the Garhwal Himalayan range and is located in a remote area. Additionally, the peak is only accessible during a small window of time each year.

If you are planning on climbing the Pangarchulla Peak, there are a few things you should know. The first is that it is a challenging summit to climb. The second is that you need to be prepared for the climb. The third is that the views from the top are absolutely breathtaking.


The Pangarchulla Peak has some unique features that make it stand out from other peaks in the region. Firstly, it is one of the tallest peaks in the Garhwal Himalayan range and is located in a remote area. Secondly, the peak is surrounded by glaciers, which provides for some spectacular views. Thirdly, the peak can only be accessed during a small window of time each year. The peak also has some unique flora and fauna. The surrounding mountainside is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including snow leopards, red pandas, Himalayan tahrs, Himalayan wolves, and golden eagles. These animals can be seen during the climb, offering an interesting insight into the region’s unique wildlife. Preparation: It is important to ensure that you are well-prepared before embarking on a climb of the Pangarchulla Peak. Firstly, you should consult a professional who has extensive experience of the area. This will help you to understand the terrain and the potential risks that come with it. Secondly, you should ensure that you have the correct equipment and clothing for the climb. You will need to be prepared for cold nights, as temperatures can dip below -20°C at the summit. Finally, it is important to be physically and mentally fit for the climb. Pangarchulla Peak is a mountain peak in the Garhwal Himalaya, located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, India. The mountain is situated in the Gangotri Group of peaks and has an elevation of 5488m (18,060 ft).

The mountain was first climbed by Anish Parikh during his expedition to Kumaon region during World War II. It’s named after an old fort on its eastern slope that was destroyed by British forces during their invasion into India via Nepal.

Altitude: 4502 mts/14760 ft

Pangarchulla Peak is located at the altitude of 4502 meters/14760 feet above sea level. It lies in the western part of Nepal and is considered as one of the highest peaks in Mount Everest region.The height above ground level is calculated by subtracting from sea level (0 mts). The difference between this height and actual ground level gives you your elevation above sea level.

The following formula can be used to calculate your elevation:

Zone: Garhwal Himalaya

Garhwal Himalaya is a section of the larger Himalayan mountain range, which runs through the Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is a part of the greater Himalayan Range, which extends from Jammu and Kashmir in the west to Arunachal Pradesh in the east.

The Garhwal Himalaya includes peaks such as Nanda Devi (28,711 feet), Trisul (25,000 feet), Chaukhamba South and North Peaks at 24500 ft., Pangarchulla Peak at 25250 ft., Bhim Ghum (24000 ft.), Chaukhamba East Peak at 26000 ft., Nanda Devi East Peak at 23800 ft., Kaunda Foothills etc..

Activity: Trekking / Climbing

Duration: 6 Days.

The Pangarchulla Peak trek is a 6-day expedition. The first day will be spent climbing up to the base camp and then descending down from it after 4 days. To reach this point you need to walk for 12 km on foot, which can be quite tiring but there are also jeeps available if you want that luxury!

Starts And Ends At : Joshimath.

The start is at Joshimath which is a town in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, India. It is the base camp for treks to Gangotri and Yamunotri, the source of the Ganges and Yamuna rivers respectively.. The journey to the base camp takes you through forests and meadows, giving you an opportunity to see some of India’s rare animals such as leopards and wolves. The best part about this hill station is that it can be reached by both road or rail. 

Why Is Pangarchulla Peak Difficult To Climb?


The Pangarchulla Peak is known for being a difficult climb due to its height, environment, and remote location. The summit is about 5,600 meters (18,372 feet) high, making it one of the tallest peaks in the Garhwal Himalayan range. This makes it difficult to reach due to the thin atmosphere and lack of oxygen at high altitudes. Additionally, the peak is located in a remote area and there is limited access during its open season. Another factor that makes the Pangarchulla Peak a challenging summit to climb is its environment. The peak is surrounded by glaciers and other unstable terrain. This makes the climb more treacherous and requires more technical climbing skills. The unpredictable weather also poses a challenge, as high winds and avalanches can occur with no warning. Pangarchulla Peak is a challenging summit climb high on the Himalayan belt of Uttarakhand with a breathtaking 360 degree view. This is a difficult summit climb and requires good physical fitness, stamina and mental strength.





The view from the top of Pangarchulla Peak offers a beautiful vista of the surrounding mountains. You will be able to see far into the distance and observe the unique glaciers and wildlife that inhabit the region. The sunset is especially breathtaking, with the light casting an orange glow over the horizon. This view can provide an unforgettable experience and is a great way to take a break before starting the descent. Make sure to take a few moments to enjoy the view and take some photographs to capture the moment. 




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