Bar Cart Storage: Styling The Display of Your liquor And Mixes

Having a well-organized bar cart that can also serve as a stunning centerpiece in any area is a great way to increase storage space and add some flair. While preferring staying home to drink over braving the crowds at a pub or restaurant, these portable bar cart storage have become increasingly useful. But they have long served as the focal point of domestic amusement. For over a century, drinks have been made available from bar carts. Know more about styling the cart with the right decor and edibles.

Tricks to impose Gracefulness on Your Bar Cart

Top-shelf or not

It’s important to have a wide variety of alcoholic beverages on hand to satisfy guests’ diverse tastes. Keep at least one bottle of vodka, beer, rum, whisky, vine, and tequila on hand at all times. Liquor loses its flavor and color after being opened, therefore you should change your bottles annually. Make it a habit to finish off the bottles you’ve already opened before cracking open a new one by placing them in front of your bar cart.

Aperitifs and mixers

Use a wide range of additives to create your unique cocktails. Think about the beverages you and your guests enjoy most, and make sure you always have the essential ingredients on hand. Choose some of the unique seasonal aperitifs, including, Aperol, Lillet, or Pimm’s. Other convenient add-ons include canned sodas, sour mix, and grenadine which have already been mixed.

Cocktail garnishments

A garnish not only enhances the natural flavors of your cocktail but also adds visual interest. If you’re throwing a party, fresh ingredients like citrus fruits and botanicals like mint are ideal, but there are also lots of long-term alternatives you can keep on the bar cart. Containers of herbs or edible flowers such as lavender, and pineapple slices are wonderful additions to everyday cocktails.

Instruments for Mixing Drinks

In order to avoid having to make extra runs to the kitchen throughout cocktail hour, stock your bar cart with all the materials needed to construct beverages. Include tools for preparing alcoholic drinks, such as a container opener, muddler, cocktail shaker, and stirring sticks. An electronic wine-opening tool is a nice addition to any gift basket. If you don’t want to drink the entire bottle of wine at once, you’ll need to provide a stopper. To create a uniform appearance, try to get bar tools in the color or finish you choose.

Tongs and an ice bucket

Get an ice bucket ready so drinks can be served chilled. Keep it on the serving cart next to the bottles to make it easy for your guests to find them.  Pick an ice bucket that goes well with the whole decoration style. Your well-organized bar cart will make it easy for your guests to have drinks and snacks when sitting on brass counter stools. To pass the time whenever the cart is not in use, put flowers or small plants in the ice tray.

Glassware’s Versatility

Whenever mixing up a cocktail, you would like to utilize glasses of varying shapes and sizes. For a classy, ice-free cocktail, use a coupe glass, while copper cups are often used for Moscow mules. Cut-glass mugs or double ancient glasses will serve you for the majority of drinks having less space to store a wide variety of glasses.

A dish towel

Having a dish towel handy on the bar cart is a great idea for quickly cleaning up any messes before they become a major problem. Towels can be hung on a hook, draped over the side, or coiled up to take up less space on a shelf.

Final Thoughts

Add some flair to your bar cart storage with the above-mentioned decorative accent options. Hang up pictures of loved ones, hang up some artwork, place some tiny potted plants around, and set up a letter board to greet your friends with a humorous remark or message. 

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