How To Draw Hello Kitty Drawings Easy

Drawings Easy You will learn how to create a fantastic-looking Hello Kitty face by following the step-by-step drawing directions provided by Drawings Easy Images and watching the accompanying video tutorial. Hello, Kitty is the name of a popular cartoon character that originates from Japan. Learn how to draw a Hello Kitty face to inject some adorability into your daily routine.

Hello, Kitty is the quintessential example of cuteness because she is a kawaii figure. Kawaii is a style that originated in Japan that emphasizes cuteness, humor, and a young vibe in its designs. Due to the widespread popularity of these products, you can find kawaii goods just about anywhere, including the United States.

Images of Easy Hello Kitty Drawings for Children

Hello, Kitty adores meeting new individuals like you. Her close friends include Keroppi the frog, Monkichi the monkey, and Gudetama the lazy egg, to name just a few. In addition, she is the identical twin sister of another person named Mimmy. Because she is so well-known, Hello Kitty has a lot of merchandise available. Toys, books, video games, and even outfits with a Hello Kitty motif could be on your wish list for your forthcoming birthday.

A cartoon If you are starting as an artist, one of the easiest images to draw is the face of Hello Kitty. The well-known illustration of Hello Kitty is made up of forms and lines that are perfectly straight. This guidebook could also be a welcome diversion from creating more complex diagrams.

Simple Drawing of Hello Kitty to Do

When coloring Hello Kitty, you only need to use yellow and pink to complete the picture. It is possible to add a background with a cutesy aesthetic, such as pink sparkles or fluffy clouds. Hanging this drawing up in your room will show everyone how much you adore Hello Kitty and exhibit your dedication to the character.

You’ll have more flexibility to make changes if you begin with a pencil sketch. If possible, you should avoid using notebook paper and instead use a blank sheet of white paper.

Drawing of a Hello Kitty

Do you realize that the fictional character Hello Kitty first appeared in publications more than 40 years ago? That demonstrates some perseverance. If a student is drawn to the adorable picture of Hello Kitty, they can quickly and easily learn how to draw her in only a few steps. This detailed walkthrough is not only straightforward to download, but it also includes a brand-new function.

If you scan the QR code in the first step, you will be sent immediately to the video I have uploaded on YouTube. Students have the option of either watching me draw Hello Kitty first or drawing along with me simultaneously. The introduction of novel drawing instruction alternatives is usually a welcome development.


  • Sketching Paper: This delectable item is available for purchase in bulk, and the price per unit drops significantly the more you buy.
  • Pencils: I have found that this brand consistently produces good black lines, which I value.
  • Black Marker: If you use a permanent marker, you should be able to achieve a dark black color.
  • Crayons: are great, especially when the larger boxes come with more color selections.

How to Draw Hello Kitty in Detailed Steps

  • Your Hello Kitty cartoon face should begin with an oval shape. Don’t cover up the top. Draw using broad strokes to create an illustration that seems like Minnie Mouse did it.
  • Create two ovals in the middle by drawing and coloring them in.
  • Create a third oval shape in the space between your eyes. A curve should be drawn on the top of the head.
  • To illustrate Jiji’s left ear as a cat, draw a rounded triangle for that part of the head.
    Repeat the previous steps to complete the right ear, and then draw a circle to finish.
  • To make the bow, draw large triangles with rounded corners that look like Hello Kitty’s entire body.
  • Loop the ends of the bow on the cartoon.
  • Create the whiskers on the left side by drawing lines.
  • It is necessary to repeat the technique for the whiskers on the right.

To complete the drawing, draw a black outline around the face of Hello Kitty. Craft a solid outline for your cartoon character using a thick pen or paintbrush.

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