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The Deoriatal Chopta Chandrashila Trek is one of the Garhwal region’s most impressive treks and a beautiful showcase of the Himalayan splendor. Few hikes offer such perspectives as Chandrasila with its stunning panoramas of mountains such as Nanda Devi, Bandarpoonch, Chaukamba, Kedar Peak and Mount Trishul.


Along the trek you will see the beautiful emerald green lake Deoriatal, the sacred shrine of Tungnath, the world’s tallest Shiva temple, and the enchanting summit of Chandrasila. This hike offers a lot while being a moderate hike suitable for beginners. A fascinating trek reaches altitudes of about 12,100 feet above sea level and offers spectacular views.

Some places are ideal for a great vacation, few are good, some are memories of a lifetime. Chopta thinks he is one of such destinations. 

Garhwal Chopta

Garhwal Chopta, a hidden gem in the Himalayas, is like paradise.Lush greens, high mountains, velvety meadows and impressive scenery. It is definitely one of the places you love to dedicate your heart to.A trekking and camping destination and home to sacred shrines, Chopta is much more than just a holiday destination. is the place. Here are some reasons why you should visit this unique place.


As you ascend the semi-paved path to Tungnath Temple, you may not realize it at first, but when you resume your normal breathing and realize the grandeur of this shrine, you are in the tallest Shiva temple in the world. you’ll notice. world! (And my god, I created the longest sentence of my life!). At an altitude of 3680m, Thungnath Temple is a marvel in itself, and its beauty and atmosphere are undeniably unrivaled. Tungnath is about 1000 years old and is believed to be the place where Lord Shiva’s hand fell in the form of a bull. Temples are the main attraction of the Chopta Valley and cannot be ignored on a trek to Chandrasila

My advice is to unwind there, rest your legs, think for a while, and then, with restored vigour and Lord Shiva’s blessings, proceed to that will leave you stunned.

Chopta Valley

Travelers are cautious to schedule vacations to the highlands of Uttarakhand during the monsoon season in the wake of the deadly flash floods of June 2013. Still, hey! Things are getting better; the roads have been fixed, and safety measures are being put in place.. In addition, Chopta Valley is beautiful throughout the year and in all seasons. When summer arrives with its warm sun and romantic nights, monsoon, on the other hand, boosts flora, and winter, well, it just magically transforms Chopta into a fairytale nation.So if you plan to hike here, follow your heart (but don’t ignore the news and weather forecast). Everything will be great! There is no denying that Chopta is incredibly picturesque. Once here, you may want to purchase a small mansion and make it your future sanctuary.The rolling Garhwal Himalayas, velvety meadows and pleasant air embrace and caress Mother Nature in Chopta. , to deepen the bond with you.

Monsoon season


When it’s not monsoon season (because of leeches) you have to walk barefoot in Chopta meadows. The velvety feel of the lawn just changes the experience here. Alternatively, instead of committing to a specific lodging, try camping on a large meadow surrounded by stunning views of rolling green mountains. Enjoy the beautiful starry sky at night and experience the heart-pounding campfire. These camps also allow you to prepare your own meals. I think this is one of the best things you can do here.

Majestic Himalayas:


As my pumped-up legs reach the summit of Chandrasila (4090m), my eyes get a little blurry, but I can’t ignore the surreal scene surrounded by the majestic Himalayas. Trishul, Nandadevi, Kedar Peak, Bandarpunch and Chaukhamba look thrilled to have reached the summit and experienced an exquisite and unparalleled 360-degree view. The snow-capped, sometimes completely covered Great Himalayas are a real escape from the trek.

Chopta is considered the starting point for several treks, but two major treks remain here: Thungnath Chandrasila and Deoria Tal. The Chopta-Chandrasila trek is 5 km and the Deoria Valley trek is only 3-4 km, both treks are very easy and long, making them ideal for amateurs. Therefore, even amateurs/beginners can enjoy an unforgettable trek full of thrills, experiences and nature’s bounty without boring their dogs.


Chopta Nature and Wildlife:

 Chopta is part of the Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary, home to rare species of Himalayan flora and fauna. When you reach Chopta, you know you are in heaven. A paradise with hundreds of birds, animals, flowers and trees. Come to Chopta and see for yourself.

The distance between Chopta and Tungnath Trek is 5 km and the difficulty is moderate. One of the most adventurous treks. This steep trek to the summit takes you to the world’s tallest Shiva temple.


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