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Every bike rider, regardless of the gender, traveling on a Leh Ladakh trip on bike once in their life time is everyone’s dream. Despite the fact they reverie of a perfect trip, the truth does come into interaction with a lot of faults. Having realized that the bike riders are certain to stagger upon a rare block on an uneven site in the same way as that of Leh Ladakh, we have put in our finest endeavours to gather every single informational data in this article which will benefit the bike riders to come across with any such inconveniencies on the road.

There is an old proverb that goes as “there’s attractiveness everywhere, all you have to do is just examine around” is correct to the crux when it arrives to the enthralling Leh Ladakh trip. Presenting charming views of one of the trips to Leh Ladakh India is all about the sensation of snow covered highlands, rocky site, spiralling crests, hazardous ways, and thundering bike engines. In a nutshell, going away on a Leh Ladakh bike trip is all about the good feelings and the never ending essence of a bike rider.

Best Time for Leh Ladakh Bike Trip:

The best time for Leh Ladakh bike trip starts from the calendar month of June to September. These four months allow the bike riders to relish the traveller trips of Ladakh, as abundant as they relish their Lahaul & Spiti trip. Nevertheless, maximum of the bike riders be in love with the fact to kick start their new year with this passionate bike trip as Ladakh presents enchanted views which can be unforgettable around the year apart from for downpour season. Away from each other from these months, you can also do a bike trip in the months during the best time of the season of winter, but then again, the climatic conditions make temperature low which in turn makes it very problematic and complicated to ride all through your trip to Leh Ladakh.

Days required for Leh Ladakh bike Trip

The figure of days essential for Leh Ladakh bike trip entirely be subject to the route you take and what locations you would like to pass through on your trip. You can select to set out your Leh Ladakh bike trip either from Delhi or from Manali or you can take a flight to Leh and initiate your Leh Ladakh bike trip.

For Leh Ladakh bike trip from Delhi, the time needed would be around 15-18 days, while From Manali you can pass through most of the sites in 10 days. If you fly to Leh and commence your bike trip then it would take about 7-8 days to have a pleasant understanding.

Route for Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

If you desire to go to Ladakh by motorbike, then there are two significant ways. One starting from Manali and the other starting from Srinagar. 

The route from Manali to Leh & Back starts from Delhi and covers places including Manali, Sarchu, Leh, Khardung La, Nubra Valley, Kargil, Srinagar and finally to Delhi.

The route from Srinagar to Leh & back covers places as Srinagar, Kargil, Leh, Karu, Sarchu, Manali and back to Delhi.


During a Leh Ladakh bike trip the lodging is among the most important matters as relaxation is quite significant when one is riding a bike at such altitudes and for long times. To begin with, there are overabundance of economical guesthouses and hotels in Ladakh that are reasonably priced and are well furnished too with all essential facilities. You can as well contemplate base camps in order to come into contact with the nature at its finest joined with untainted flash of adrenalin.


You don’t have to concern with reference to food choices, as there are quite a lot of road side Dhaba on your route that provides scrumptious warm food at reasonable prices. But to be on a harmless part on your Leh Ladakh bike trip, it is very vital that you should have slight volumes of food and water with you at every single time.

Fuel Stations

Fuel Stations or Petrol pumps are unquestionably one among the utmost essential thing when it happens to be Leh Ladakh bike trip. The province has a very limited petrol stations, so it is suggested that every time you spot any petrol pump, get your tank filled so that you may not run out of fuel and lead safely and smoothly towards your destination.

To conclude with, the Leh Ladakh Bike trip is certainly a practice that you will appreciate at all times.

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