Top 10 Places to Visit in Bengaluru: Weekend getaway from bangalore


If you want to change your monotony routine, here’s some getaways from Bangalore. Just keep your worries aside and escape to amazing places to find some peace. To please yourself with panoramic hill stations where you can satisfy in a number of adventures beaches in Bangalore by fantastic locations for t all visitors. 

Here are some weekend gateway from Bangalore to enjoy:


The Coorg:

If you are looking for a weekend trip then just go for Coorg. And Bangalore to Coorg is like a picturesque town or Kodagu. 

To Stay in Coorg:

In Coorg there are lots of places where you can stay. Like Taj Madikeri Resort and Spa, River Near Coorg etc. 


From Bangalore to Coorg the distance is 260 kilometers. 

Time To Visit:

You can visit in between October to April.

near places:

Madikeri, Virajpet, Nagarhole National Park, Kushalnagar, and Abbey Falls. 

Activities :

In Coorg you can try Trekking, Bird Watching, and Coffee Plantation tour. 


The Ooty:

When we talk about travel from Bangalore then you can find Ooty to enjoy your weekend.


From Bangalore to Ooty the distance is 273 kilometers. 

Time To Visit: 

You can visit in between October and June. 

Reveal the near places:

 You can visit the Rose Garden, Wax Museum, Ooty Lake, Avalanche Lake, and the Chocolate Museum. 


In Ooty you can take a train ride at the Nilgiri Mountain Railway Station (A UNESCO Heritage site), and have a picnic at Pykara Lake.


The Kodaikanal:

Kodaikanal, the princess of the hills situated in Dindigul

There are so many beautiful places which attract me the most.

Distance : 

465 kilometers from Bangalore. 

Time To Visit:

In between October to March is the preferable time to visit. 

Reveal the near places:

In Kodaikanal there are so many places to visit like Kodaikanal Lake, Coaker’s Walk, Bryant Park, Silent Valley View Point, and Guna Cave.


You can try these activities. Like Boating on the Kodaikanal Lake, trekking to the Pillar Rocks, and shopping at the Anna Salai Market.

The Bheemeshwari:

In Bheemeshwari you can enjoy your weekend. 


From Bangalore to Bheemeshwari is around 105 kilometers. 

 Time to visit:

For this trip you can go in between August to February. 

Reveal the near places:

You can visit in Bheemeshwari so many places like

Cauvery Fishing Camp, Galibore, Bheemeshwari Wildlife Sanctuary, Kokrebellur Pelicanry, and Doddamkkali. 


You can try these kinds of activities. Like Trekking, Birdwatching, Wildlife Safari, River Rafting, Angling, and Fishing Safari. 

The Srirangapatna:

Sultan Tipu Sultan’s historical palace is situated in Srirangapatna. 


 From Bangalore the Srirangapatna is 125 kilometers  far away. 

Time to visit:

The perfect time to visit Srirangapatna is between September to March. 

Reveal the near places:

To visit Srirangapatna you can reveal so many historical places like  The Mausoleum of Tipu Sultan, Daria Daulat, The Palace of Tipu Sultan, The Ranganathaswamy Temple, and Srirangapatna Fort. 


In there you can refresh yourself by seeing some views like Sightseeing, Historic tours, and Museum visits. 

The Madhugiri:

The second largest monolith is Madhugiri in Asia. It is basically a trekking destination which is situated near Bangalore. 


From Bangalore to Madhugiri is around 106 kilometers away. 

Time to visit:

If you are going for a trek in Madhugiri then the perfect time is between September to April and it will take one day to cover the trek. 

Reveal the near places:

Reaching your destination you can visit Madhugiri Monolith. 


Though Madhugiri is best known for trekking, you can try it here for trekking. 


The Nandi Hills:

The Nandi hills are famous for their hill stations. In this place Tipu Sultan palace is the most famous. And trekking, paragliding are very popular there. 


From Bangalore to the Nandi hill is nearly 69 kilometers far away. 

Best  time to visit:

To go to these hills the preferable time is October to June. And it will take only one day to wrap up your journey. 

Reveal the near places:

In the Nandi hills there are some ancient temples which you can visit like Tipu’s Drop, Tippu’s Summer Residence, Brahmashram, and Nandi Bhoganandishwara Swamy Temple. 


Here you can trekking, paragliding and cycling as well. 


The Ramanagara:

The mesmerizing sites of Ramanagara’s sunset at rocks can shoot your soul. It is famous for its Sholay fame. 


From Bangalore to Ramanagara is around 50 kilometers far away which you can cover in one day. 

Best time to visit:

To visit the Ramanagara hills the perfect time is October to April. 

Near places to reveal:

At the Ramanagara hills you can visit the other beautiful views like Rocks of Ramanagara, Ramadevara betta, and Janapada Loka. 


In the hills you can try trekking. And as well as bird Watching, Sightseeing, and Rock Climbing. 


The Shivanasamudra Waterfalls:

Shivanasamudra Waterfalls  is a beauty itself because of its catchy sights. 


From Bangalore to Shivanasamudra waterfalls is around 135 far away. 

Best time to visit:

March to October is the perfect time to visit. 

Near places  to Visit:

Reaching the hills you can see the Shivanasamudra Waterfalls. 


You can try Sightseeing, Rappelling, Trekking, and Picnic too. 


Hogenakkal Waterfalls:

Hogenakkal waterfalls is the oldest one in the world. It is said by the local people that if you take a bath with the milky white water then all kinds of diseases can be cured. 


From Bangalore to Hogenakkal waterfalls is around 135 kilometers far away. 

Best time to visit:

The right to visit the Hogenakkal waterfalls is from December to February. And the whole journey will take one day only

Near places  to visit:

You can visit the Hogenakkal Waterfalls over there. 


In the Hogenakkal Waterfalls you can try Coracle boat rides, Medicinal baths, and Trekking. 

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