How to Hire Ruby on Rails Developers – Stepwise Guidance

Ruby on Rails is a versatile open-source framework used for rapid full-stack development of web-based software. Startups and enterprises hire Ruby on Rails developers as the framework develops at a quicker and more flexible pace than its competition. Ruby on Rails development company is also popular for their vast knowledge and expertise in the frontend, backend, database management, server maintenance, and related tasks.

Ruby is particularly essential for MVPs and Rapid Prototyping. It not only allows rapid production but also provides data security, flexibility, and concise syntax. Thus, to hire Ruby on Rails developers you might also require some basic understanding of the technology and the product requirement so you can select the ideal candidate. Follow this stepwise guide to hire Ruby on Rails developers for your company effortlessly. Let’s begin.

STEP 1- Look For Skills Required

Before starting the process to hire Ruby on Rails developers, you first have to know their expertise level through their portfolio. It is essential to look for the right set of skills that are beneficial to both your project and the team.

  1. Technical Skills– If you want to hire Ruby on Rails developers for development, make sure they are specialized in
  • data structures, DRY principle, modules, functions, OOPs, MVC framework, etc.
  • Practical experience with libraries and add-ons
  • Can work with REST API and can perform operations like POST, GET, etc.
  • Understanding of databases like SQL, MySQL, and HTTP protocol.
  • Can build front end with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Though the expertise level may differ as per the job role you are hiring for.

  1. Soft Skills– Soft skills are a must to consider when you hire Ruby on Rails developers to ensure proper communication among the team and clients. They are important for the developers so they can effectively communicate the details and share feedback among team members and clients. Make sure the candidate has good leadership qualities, communication skills, discipline, team spirit, time management, problem-solving, agility, and other important skills.
  1. Experience– Experience is vital unless you are hiring freshers. If you are unwilling to invest in training junior developers, hire Ruby on Rails developers that are highly skilled and experienced, as they can handle large projects, and complex problems, and can even work with a whole team. You can check the resume, candidate’s portfolio, Github profile, previous projects, and reviews to select the best candidate.

STEP 2- Select A Hiring Model

Focus on your needs. Get clarity about your project requirements so you can decide whether you need one specialized developer or a whole team. You may need to discuss your requirement with your core team before starting to hire Ruby on Rails developers. After that, you can choose a hiring model:

  1. Direct Hire– If you want to hire Ruby on Rails developers individually for long-term needs, this model works. They are the regular 9-5 employees who can work either as a part of the in-house team or as remote employees. They are fully committed to the company, work for long-term goals, and are available in any urgent situation. However, they are more costly, and recruiting them could be strenuous and time-consuming.

Method to Direct Hire Ruby on Rails Developers-

  • Search through job sites such as Indeed and LinkedIn.
  • Post a job description.
  • Search through your network and developers’ forums.
  • You can search online development companies and marketplaces for hiring remote employers.

2. Staff Augmentation– Staff augmentation is an option to consider when you only want a short-term team on a contract. You can recruit a whole team from a recruitment firm or development company, such as Optymize. With them, you can Hire Ruby on Rails developers on a contract for developing your project or for any specific job. No hassles in the hiring process, the company will take care of the team management, and legal issues can be scaled up and down as per the needs, and are cost-effective.

Method To Hire Ruby on Rails Developers by Augmentation

  • Search and hire Ruby on Rails developers through freelancer websites such as Fiverr, and Upwork for short-term projects or specific jobs.
  • You can also post job posts for short-term work or contracts on online job boards as well.
  • For long-term contracts and to hire a team, use companies like Optymize and get matched with trained professionals within 48 hours. Interview and onboard as you like.

STEP 3- Determine The Budget- 

One of the most important factors to look at is the budget before you hire Ruby on Rails developers. A developer’s salary can vary due to a lot of factors including their location, expertise level, years of experience, recruitment agency they work with, role you are hiring, etc. A senior-level developer will obviously take more salary than a junior-level developer. Developing a whole MVP will require more budget than only creating a particular program.  Similarly, Developers hired from different locations can have different prices:

Region Average Hourly Rate
U.S. $75-250 per hour
W. Europe $60-100 per hour
E. Europe $35-70 per hour
Asia $30-50 per hour

STEP 4- Start Hiring-

After getting familiar with the essentials, here are some steps to hire Ruby on Rails developers-

  1. Get the utmost clarity about your project requirements, budget, and the required expertise for the role.
  2. Now select the hiring model from the platform that matches your needs. For recruiting in-house developers, platforms like Indeed are a preferred choice. For freelancers, sites like RubyNow, Fiverr, etc are good choices. For remote employees and staff augmentation, companies like Optymize will do the work.
  3. Go through all options, and send a job post to the agencies that suit your needs.
  4. Either search for developers yourself on the sites or share your job post and follow through with whoever shows interest.
  5. With development companies, you don’t have to search, they themselves will share a list of developers that will suit your needs.
  6. After getting a list of developers, you can start interviewing and testing their abilities.
  7. Read their portfolio, and resume to shortlist candidates. Also, ensure they follow the company’s culture.
  8. If you are recruiting for a long-term partnership, you can conduct a coding test along with an interview to have a better grasp on their skills.
  9. After that you can hire Ruby on Rails developers and onboard who you think is ideal.


It can be strenuous to hire Ruby on Rails developers who are dedicated and skilled. Most industries quickly hire high-end developers which makes recruitment harder amidst this high demand. I am sure with the aforementioned steps, you can hire Ruby on Rails developers easily and can work together to build a market-friendly and scalable application. For consultations and to recruit remote developers, you can contact Optymize. Optymize connects the top 3% of the top developers with startups and global companies to work on a project. Their professionals are willing to assist you 24*7 with any consultations and services required.

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