Meditech Vs ICANotes EMR: Choosing the Right One

If you’re looking for an EMR that will help your practice grow, there are several options to choose from. However, there are a few important things to keep in mind when selecting an EMR.

ICANotes is a robust EHR solution that helps independent practices like yours get started and stay compliant. With 89 user reviews from recognized software review sites, it’s clear that ICANotes EHR has what you need to succeed.

What is EMR?

An electronic medical record, also called EMR, is a digitally-stored version of paper records and charts from a doctor’s office or healthcare facility. They typically contain standard information about a patient’s health and treatment history.

Unlike handwritten documents, electronic medical records are more secure and easier to track over time. They allow physicians to monitor their patients’ progress over a period of time and identify those who are due for preventive screenings.

They also provide access to a wide range of tools that support clinical decisions. Those include problem lists, ICD-10 codes, medication lists, test results and more.

Using electronic records has many benefits for doctors and patients alike. For example, they reduce drug expenditure and can save your practice money on lab tests, x-rays and billing services. They are also easier to manage and can eliminate duplicate entries. Lastly, they can help to improve your practice’s workflow and efficiency.

Why EMR?

EHRs provide a great way to streamline a practice’s operations, freeing up practitioners to spend more time with patients and improve their overall health outcomes. The right EHR will also ensure that practices are always up-to-date on patient information, preventing any delays or issues from occurring that might otherwise result in missed payments or denials.

The software can help to save a lot of time by providing point-and-click templates for assessments, treatment plans and progress notes that make documentation more efficient. The software will also automatically fill out medical forms, so the user is only required to input their own data.

One of the biggest advantages of an EHR is that it allows practices to go paperless, meaning that no important records can get lost or damaged in the event of fire, flood or another natural disaster. Additionally, the right EHR will ensure that prescriptions are tracked, so that anyone with access to a patient’s records can review them and ensure they’re being taken properly.

Which EMR is Right for Your Practice?

EMRs can help doctors perform a number of tasks, including tracking patient data, recording medical histories, entering orders and prescriptions, and communicating with other practitioners. But the right EMR system for your practice depends on several factors.

For example, a practice management software solution should streamline administrative and financial requirements, such as scheduling appointments and filing insurance claims. It should also integrate with the EMR to automatically generate superbills after a visit and scrub claims for errors, saving time.

Whether your practice is small or large, there are plenty of EMR systems to choose from. But it’s important to know what your needs are so you can make an informed decision.

For instance, a physical therapy practice may need an EMR system that includes telehealth tools, which allow providers to video conference with patients over the internet. This feature can make it easier to diagnose illnesses and treat them without traveling to a physical office.

ICANotes EMR vs. Meditech EMR

Meditech EMR is a web-based application that serves healthcare organizations of all sizes. It features a patient portal, telehealth capabilities, practice management, billing and e-prescriptions. It also offers a robust data repository to store and organize data.

The product is an excellent choice for health specialty practices and hospitals looking to increase their efficiency through integrations, interoperability and streamlined workflows. It also takes stress off administrators by automatically assessing their billing coding level.

MEDITECH also boasts of a well-designed user interface that helps to streamline charting, documentation and patient data retrieval. Its interactive dashboard displays customizable analytics that provide real-time information about your patients’ health.

MEDITECH is a leading player in the electronic medical records (EMR) industry, serving 2,400 healthcare sites in the United States and Canada. Its products are used in emergency departments, acute care inpatients, ambulatory clinics and mental health, home health, long-term care and hospice settings. In 2015, it had a 19% share of the hospital EHR market.


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