Why is CCNP Certification Essential For Success in The Networking Industry?

The computer networking field is growing at exponential rates. An article by GeeksforGeeks anticipates that the global networking management market will potentially become $11 billion in value.

With this growth, the industry needs more and more networking professionals. Yet, this demand doesn’t come without competition. As a networking professional, you may wonder about the best way to achieve success and validate your skills in front of potential employers. Getting the CCNP certification is essential for success in the networking industry. 

Not convinced? This blog will introduce you to 8 reasons why CCNP is the key to achieving success. But first, let’s learn what CCNP is. 

About CCNP certification

There are many Cisco courses. Among them, CCNP is the best Cisco certification for networking professionals. Cisco Certified Network Professional, or CCNP certification, as it’s known, is ideal for people with some experience in networking. It proves your ability to scale and maintain enterprise networks and meet the ever-growing demand. It validates your knowledge of virtualization, automation, security, and enterprise infrastructure. 

The certification trains you in planning, implementing, and troubleshooting LAN and WAN at the enterprise level. The exam has no prerequisites. However, Cisco recommends you have at least three to five years of experience implementing enterprise network solutions. If you are a beginner, you may find it useful to do the CCST certification and move your way upwards to CCNP. Once earned, the certification is valid for three years, after which you have to renew it. 

Reasons why CCNP is essential for success in the networking industry

Here are 8 reasons why you must get CCNP as a networking professional.

Abundant job opportunities 

CCNP makes you eligible for more than just one role. These roles include network administrator, system engineer, network support technician, mid-level network engineer, IT manager, computer network architect, etc. This gives you a wide variety of job roles to choose from.

Stay updated with the latest technology

One of the biggest benefits of getting certifications is staying updated with the latest technology. These courses are regularly updated to include advancements in technology. CCNP is no different. Getting CCNP can ensure you stay on top of the game with knowledge of the current technology. 

Job growth

Cisco is known worldwide. Its certifications are no less. CCNP is widely recognized in the industry, making it a great tool to facilitate career growth. It can come in handy during negotiating for a better salary or applying for a promotion. If you are looking for a new job, it can also help you find one by making you stand out from the competition.  

Deep understanding of the networking industry 

This one goes without saying. Having CCNP means you have a deep and thorough understanding of the networking industry. It validates your skills and expertise in the field. While preparing for the exam, you learn about all the important concepts down to the smallest details. During your job, you also get the opportunity to access the internal mechanisms of the company and learn from them.

Great salary prospects

According to Cisco, CCNP-certified people earn at least 10 per cent more than people with CCNP in the same position. CCNP is a highly respected credential. Earning it gives you the confidence to negotiate for a higher salary increase.

Option of taking advanced training

You also get a chance to be trained in different areas of networking while preparing for the certification. You get to connect with other members of the community and practice with Cisco labs, simulation tools, and sandboxes. All of this is extremely beneficial for your career as you learn more. 

Skill recognition

Getting CCNP assures potential employers that you are trained by one of the best organizations in the industry. It validates your skills and expertise in the computer networking field. The certification significantly increases your chances of getting a job. 


In recent years, certifications have become one of the primary criteria for employers. Most employers want their employees to have at least one or more certifications in their field. CCNP is a challenging and well-respected certification. As such, all organizations want CCNP-certified experts to join them. Therefore, CCNP certification is not only a sureshot way but also essential to achieve success in the networking industry.

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