Safety measures while riding a bike on the road

Bike riding is one of our childhood dreams. It’s one of the cravings that each of us has felt at a certain age. While sitting at the back of our parent’s bike, the imagination of holding the handlebar and throttle was amazing. And at a time in our life, we purchase a new bike model of our choice. Royal Enfield’s famous quote says that a motorcycle is an emotion. Bikes provide us with big adventures and touring, but also it is dangerous up to life taking, if not handled carefully. This post will look at some of the most important advisories while riding a bike. Let’s read and follow all the precautions one by one.

Wear a helmet

A helmet is required to protect your head in case of an accident. Many Helmets are available in the market, but it is highly advisable that you only wear ISO-certified helmets. Lightweight and non-certified helmets may be cheaper than the original ones, but you should not save money here. Now some of the companies provide helmets with New bike models.

Wearing a helmet is important for several reasons:

Head protection: A helmet helps protect the head from crash or fall injuries.

Safety regulation: In most countries, including India, it is a legal necessity to wear a helmet while riding a bike. You may lose your hard-earned money very easily just by ignoring helmets. In metropolitan cities, a challan may be issued to you even if the pillion is not wearing a helmet. If you are 2 while riding, you should wear ISO-certified helmets.

Reduce the risk of injury: In case of an accidental fall, helmets can reduce the risk of serious head- injuries by up to 85%.

Improved visibility: Wearing a bright-coloured helmet can make you more visible to motorists and other riders, increasing your safety on the road.

Overall, wearing a helmet is a simple and effective way to keep yourself safe while riding a bike.

Stay visible

Wear bright or reflective clothing, and make sure your bike has lights and reflectors. Sometimes, the headlight shows glitches or turn indicators do not work properly because of a fault. You should immediately repair the lighting accessories as they have significant meaning and roles while riding. For example, taking a turn without turning on the side indicators may cause a serious accident. Similarly, do not drive at night without a headlamp which gives you proper visibility. Taking an example, the bikes under 70000 or commuter bikes do not come with an advanced lighting system. Riding such bikes in low lights, needs attention and focus.

Follow traffic laws

Treat your bike like a vehicle and follow the same road rules. Unfortunately, many riders believe in rash riding and breaking traffic rules. For example, when you fail a traffic signal, you violate the country’s law which may penalise you. In addition, one mistake can cause a collision because of rash riding.

Stay alert

Pay attention to your surroundings, other riders, and drivers, and be prepared to react quickly to changes.

Maintain your bike:

Regularly check and maintain your bike to ensure it’s in good working condition. If you skip your bike maintenance, you may be stuck in a bad situation where there is no repair shop. For example, if you last checked the chain box long ago, it may fail anytime. The loose chain needs a mechanic to be repaired, and if your chain socket fails outside the city, you will be stuck.

Plan your route:

Choose a safe route, avoid busy roads and intersections, and prepare for road conditions like potholes or gravel. Riding a bike is a fun outdoor activity. However, safety measures are required for riders. Riders need to be safe while riding a motorcycle. They need to know whether it is safe in the path they take or not, as well as how to avoid accidents. We make sure that our bikes have safety features that are easy to use and will save lives, so these can help you too

Use lights:

Use front and rear lights to increase visibility when riding in low-light conditions or at night. This is a fact that most accidents at night occur due to low visibility. It is also highly advisable to avoid riding a bike in fog or mist. Nowadays, almost every bike is technically advanced and comes with low-beam and high-beam lights. However, if someone comes from the front, do not use high beam light as it may cause a blind spot.

Check your bike:

Regularly inspect your bike to ensure it is in good working condition, with required tire-pressure and functioning brakes. If your motorcycle consists of a tubeless tire, it may save you in uninvited situations. But still, you need to inspect the tires of your bikes at a regular interval. Maintain the suggested tire pressure for a good riding experience.

Avoid distractions:

Avoid using your phone, listening to music, or doing other activities that can take your focus off the road and traffic. Riding needs a focused rider. There is a proverb which says accidents occur due to ignored caution.

Use hand signals

Use hand signals to indicate turns or changes in direction to other road users.
Always be aware of your surroundings and anticipate potential hazards while riding a bike to stay safe on the road. In addition to the turn lights of your bike, use hand signals wherever required. The word ‘signal’ reminds me of one of the last things while riding on highways, there are many defined signals. You should always be aware of the predefined signs to reach your destination safely and easily.

Let’s wrap up

You can improve your riding experience by following the suggestions mentioned above. They will not just save you from accidents but also save you money from penalties. Your bike deserves appreciation, and your respect towards your bike comes from safe riding. When you ride safely, the others are also safe.

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