Set a Fire in your Mouth-watering Hot Dog Business with Custom Hot Dog Boxes

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Due to their delicious flavour, hot dogs are a perennial favourite among foodies. As a result, there is always a rush of people at a hot dog stand. And whenever something is in demand, more of it is produced. The need for packaging, too. If you want to purchase hot dog boxes with custom printing at discounted wholesale prices, contact us. We offer customized hot dog boxes at a significant discount from the 2023 New Year’s Sale.

Note: Since the closing date for the new year’s 2023 sale is uncertain, try to place your order as soon as you can. It might end at any moment. So, move quickly and don’t pass up this excellent opportunity.


Four Key Elements of Making Custom Hot Dog Boxes

  1. Choose food-grade packaging for hot dogs

Food-grade packaging should be used for food items. Otherwise, it might be detrimental to people’s health. We are aware of your worry. Therefore, we provide you with food-grade material for packing hot dogs. Our kraft and cardboard packaging is safe while delivering food intact.

Also, they are 100% durable and nature free. They are preferable for regular packaging because they are more economical than other packaging materials.

  1. Do lamination and coating to protect the hot dog box from sogginess

The custom hot dog box can get soggy due to the stem produced inside. As a result, the box can tear and crumble. If you want to prevent that, do lamination all over the box. They have many benefits. Let us explain:

  • The lamination and coatings are water-resistant. Due to that, the box surface remains safe from humidity.
  • They help to seal the box surface and eliminate perforations. As a result, heat cannot pass through the box, and the food remains warm for an extended period.
  • They seal the printed ink surface because the ink doesn’t spread. And food remains safe from printed ink.
  • The lamination and coatings protect the box surface from scratches, dust, fingerprints, etc.
  • They help intensify the box’s beauty by giving it a smooth and vibrant feel.


  1. Cover the hot dogs in custom butter wraps

The hot dogs are served with a variety of sauces such as mustard, chili, ketchup, and so on. They can spill out even if you use a toothpick to keep the bun together. As a result, the hot dog box or tray becomes greasy, which buyers dislike. To avoid this, wrap the hot dogs in custom butter wraps. Here are your choices:

  • Parchment Paper wraps
  • Waxed paper wraps
  • Butter paper wraps


  1. Print custom hot dog box with PMS & CMYK colour schemes

For custom hot dog boxes, you can use any image, design, or color. Our customization specialists will create it for you. However, choose carefully because the wrong color contrast can make the box design appear less graceful. Colors like black and dark blue, for example, appear identical. The design will be obscured if they are combined for printing.

You can, however, consult with our design experts. They will give you sound advice because they have the necessary experience.

  1. Print brand logo with advanced printing methods

Do you want your hot dog stand to promote your company? Print the logo on it. However, keep in mind that dull and uneven printing can have a negative impact on your image. But you can relax if you’ve chosen us as your packaging partner.

We have advanced printing methods that produce flawless prints with no jerk. Furthermore, we have hired a checking team that thoroughly examines each box. If they have any doubts, they throw away the box.


Make Hot Dogs’ Business Easy with Custom Gable Boxes

In addition to custom hot dog boxes, you can purchase custom gable hot dog boxes to deliver hot dogs. We customize these boxes with printed logos and elegant designs for an eye-catching appearance. It has a handle that makes it easy to transport. And you save money by purchasing an extra bag because of handles.


Get A Few Raw Sampling Kits for Custom Hot Dog Boxes

Are you new in the packaging business? Want assurance about the box quality? We offer a free raw sample kit that you can obtain. Depending on your product, it consists of roughly 7 to 10 distinct types of materials, prints, and style boxes.

We may offer you a specific example kit if you wish to design your own unique hot dog package. You receive complete control over everything in exchange for that. However, you must pay for shipping and production.


Perks Of Choosing Urgent Boxes

  • Quick turnaround
  • Economical rates without additional charges
  • Doorstep Delivery
  • Zero die-cut or plate charges
  • RAW sample kit
  • Eco-friendly material (cardboard, kraft, rigid & corrugated)
  • The first-rate printing press (offset & digital)
  • PMS & CMYK color schemes
  • Superior customization tools
  • Chance to work with the best packaging team

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