The Room Amenities That Matter Most to Your Hotel Guests

When you book a hotel, it’s not just about finding a place to sleep. It’s about providing yourself with a getaway, complete with features that’ll make your stay a pleasant and memorable experience. Amenities have a huge impact on guest experience and by recognizing this you’ll be able to tangibly improve the overall guest experience – resulting in positive reviews, return visits and ultimately higher profits. Last week, I traveled to California and stayed at the best hotel in Bakersfield. During my stay at the hotel, I was amazed by the excellent service and amenities provided to me. Currently, these services have a great deal of importance.

But if your target traveler is on a budget, the simple availability of toiletries could differentiate you. The quality of the room remains the top reason travelers choose a hotel, so let’s look at the in-room amenities that matter the most to travelers.

The Basics

We’ll start by assuming a well-kept, safe room at a reasonable price is our baseline, and then we’ll look at the amenities that matter most to guests when they book. It is important to remember that these amenities won’t provide you with a competitive edge. However, if you don’t have them, you may end up receiving less than rave reviews from your guests.


In addition to free Wi-Fi, there is an ironing board, a telephone, a hairdryer, a safe, plenty of hangers, and luggage storage located in the hotel.


Various amenities such as air conditioning, blackout curtains, television, free toiletries, and minibars are included. In recent years, expectations surrounding amenities that used to differentiate properties have increased, such as sustainable practices, robes and slippers, in-room entertainment, and signature products.

Travel Essentials for the Modern Traveler

Mobile phones, laptops, and tablets are more common than ever before when traveling, and people expect to use them frequently and easily while abroad. There are now several essential amenities that every property must provide as a result of this development.

Wireless Connectivity (Wi-Fi)

Regardless of whether guests are on vacation or business, all hotels should provide free and fast internet access to their guests. In addition to these, there are several other issues connected with WiFi that can negatively affect customer reviews, such as:

  • The Wi-Fi network must operate smoothly even during the busiest times of the day when thousands of customers are connected simultaneously to it.
  • It is essential that the signal is strong in all hotel public areas, as well as in all hotel rooms, whether on the first or second floor.

It is the last thing you want to have disappointed guests criticizing your hotel and discouraging other potential guests from staying at your hotel. It is as simple as a bad Wi-Fi connection!

Rooms with Smart Technology

In the hotel industry, personalized services together with modern smart rooms will soon play a major role in overall travel behavior. This is because smart homes are already a big part of our lives.

“Smart Rooms” refer to all the services that guests can control and adjust according to their own needs through a mobile application (App) or a device. It allows guests to regulate the intensity and shade of lighting, set a preferred room temperature, schedule what they will watch on their Smart TV, and draw or close curtains. Bringing fresh & useful amenities to customers through smart options opens up a whole new range of possibilities!

Charging Points

To keep all those devices charged, your guests will need convenient charging stations. For guests who like to keep their phones nearby at night, add USB ports near beds in addition to power outlets. To make international guests more comfortable, you might consider installing universal sockets. Since I reside at the best hotel in Bakersfield, I really appreciate this service, since I forgot my adapter at home and these points are a great help.

Complimentary Water and Coffee in the Room

It is not uncommon to find capsule coffeemakers in guests’ rooms due to the growing popularity of at-home coffeemakers. In spite of the room service offered by your hotel, the convenience of quickly and easily preparing coffee in your room enhances the overall experience. Travelers who value modern amenities also appreciate complimentary bottled water available upon arrival and throughout their stay.

Greetings Gift & Local Flavor Gifts

It’s imperative to make a positive first impression at a hotel, just like it is at most things we encounter in our everyday lives. You must make sure your guests’ first impression will be positive, by improving basic features such as cleanliness, smell, light, and room temperature. This is because they enter their room for the first time.

When your customers receive a welcome gift in a nice package or are served in a special way, they will feel special and excited. There is no need to offer something expensive or large – for instance, you could offer a cereal bar made from local products or a bottle of wine from a local winery.


Overall, these amenities are generally demanded by travelers these days. Hotel rooms are increasingly equipped with smart amenities to meet the needs of modern travelers. It is common today for all big and reputed hotels to offer these sorts of amenities in their rooms. Like, when I booked the best hotel in Bakersfield at an affordable price, they provide the best sorts of amenities to me.

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