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Kudremukh Peak in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. The peak has to be reached by trekking through ‘shola’ forest and grass forest the trek is called Kudremukh trek. Experience this unique ecosystem that holds the Deccan’s rivers, sheltering a huge biodiversity.

Of the four biodiversity hotspots in the world as declared by UNESCO, the Western Ghats are one of the four in India. Starting from Gujarat, it extends through Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu to neighboring Sri Lanka. These biodiversity hotspots are home to plants and animals found nowhere else on earth, many of which are endangered today, as only 25% of the primeval forests of these mountains, older than the Himalayas, now survive due to human encroachment.

But these forests and mountains, its grasslands hold the entire Deccan. These Western Ghats control the monsoons of large parts of India and retain the monsoon water that gives life to South India throughout the year. Its diverse shola forests and grasslands have given birth to rivers like Kaveri, Krishna, Tungabhadra, Godavari. The word shola is Tamil meaning rain-forest.


Kudremukh’s situation:

Kudremukh is a small beautiful hill station which is located 100 kilometers from Chikmagalur. 

The name derives from the Kannada name which means Horse-faced. And the Kudremukh hill exactly looks like that. The Kudremukh trek starts inside the Kudremukh national park. 


Reason behind Kudremukh trek:

The Kudremukh trek is an amazing place with fascinating views to explore of Karnataka. 


  • Kudremukh trek has the most beautiful rolling hills in the Western Ghats. The panoramic view of the hill station is like a fine wallpaper from Kudremukh hill. 
  • This trek has a never ending scenario when you get to see the valleys and mountains all around you. And over there you can see in the enchanted clouds and mist in the monsoon season
  • The hill station scenario with picturesque views can heal your mind. 


To reach Kudremukh:

To reach the Kudremukh hill station you just need to reach the starting point of the trek which is a small village called Mullodi  with few houses. Mullodi is situated between Kudremukh and Kalasa. Where public transports are available. 

From Kudremukh there are two nearest cities- Mangalore which is 100 kilometers far away and the other one is Bangalore which is 330 kilometers far away from Kudremukh. And there are various transports available. 


By Flight:

To reach Kudremukh the nearest airport is Mangalore which is 90 kilometers away from the Bangalore airport and it is at a distance of 351 kilometers away. The two airports are connected to all the major airports in the country.


By Train:

From Kudremukh the Mangalore railway station is 100 kilometers away followed by the Bangalore railway station which is at a distance of 330 kilometers.


By Bus:

If you want to travel from Mangalore to Kudremukh then there are limited buses. Those buses leave for Kalasa from the Mangalore bus stand. It is also known as the State Bank bus stand. 


Exact location of Kudremukh:

The Kudremukh hill station is situated 100 kilometers from Chikmagalur. The trekking location started inside the kudremukh national park. There are various animals like lion-tailed macaque, leopard and gaur. 


In the trek you can meet and do various things like the best rolling hills you’ll ever see on the trek, ridge walk surrounded by clouds and mist, hike through evergreen forests filled with water streams. 


Difficulties in this trek:

If you are a beginner in the Kudremukh trek then you have to be fit. During the top and back hike which is almost 18 kilometers there’s some options where you might be steep but as usual you can gradually increase. 


Great time for the Kudremukh trek:

For the Kudremukh trek the preferable time is monsoon season between September to February. In this season the Kudremukh looks like a beautiful garden with a greenery landscape. And in this season the weather is misty and cloudy. You can avoid the summer season because of the unbelievable heat of the sun. 


Essential things to carry:

During the trek you have to pack some necessary things to explore the trek with pleasure. These are 

 an ID Card, sunglasses and a hat to protect yourself from the heat, a water bottle, some dry fruits, dry t-shirts to absorb the sweat, raincoats, sunscreen, trekking poles to support your path,waterproof backpack, mosquito repellent, camera, shoes with extra pair, power bank, a warm jacket for the night’s stay, lunch box & Spoon to carry your packed lunch etc. 

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