Ultimate Guide to Top 6 Video Games 2023 by Chelmsford’s Game Console Repair Shop

In the dynamic world of gaming, keeping up with the latest titles can be a thrilling challenge. Chelmsford’s most trusted game console repair shop is delighted to present the top 6 video games of 2023. These titles promise unforgettable gaming experiences, each with its own unique flavor:

  • Immortals of Aveum
  • Starfield
  • Mortal Kombat I
  • Lies of P
  • Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty
  • The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Explore these games and get ready for an extraordinary gaming journey in 2023. Our game console repair shop is here to ensure your gaming gear is always in top condition, supporting you in your gaming adventures. Let’s dive into the magic and excitement of these top video games.

Immortals of Aveum

Are you tired of the same old firearms in first-person shooters? Immortals of Aveum offers a refreshing alternative. Step into the shoes of a young warlock who wields destructive magical beams, creating a unique gaming experience.

Similar to classics like Doom and Wolfenstein, Aveum challenges you to find the perfect combination of magical munitions to defeat demons and goblins.

This game proves that magic looks far more impressive on-screen than traditional bullets and shrapnel.


After eight years in development, Starfield takes us on an adventure that’s a nostalgic throwback to classic Bethesda open-world RPGs.

In true Bethesda fashion, you’ll be completing side quests, exploring dungeons, and interacting with a diverse cast of characters. This time, the setting is the outer reaches of the Milky Way, offering endless exploration.

Despite its familiar design, Starfield’s magic still captivates players, making it an irresistible addition to the Bethesda lineup, and this is exactly why it’s one of the top choices of Chelmsford’s best game console repair shop.

Mortal Kombat I

NetherRealm Studios has an unwavering commitment to Mortal Kombat’s lore. Mortal Kombat I, a reboot of the chronology, delivers an epic, MCU-sized saga wrapped around intense combat.

The single-player campaign is essentially a full-length animated feature, offering an engaging storyline alongside solid multiplayer gameplay. Mortal Kombat I may not reinvent the series, but NetherRealm’s dedication to quality and authenticity is evident.

Lies of P

In the list of top video games by Chelmsford’s game console repair shop, Lies of P emerges as a standout in the realm of Dark Souls-inspired gaming.

With its intricate character sheet enabling diverse combat strategies, enigmatic NPCs offering hints of a larger, mysterious world, and formidable boss encounters like the towering, disfigured toy soldier, this game seamlessly blends challenging gameplay with a dark Victorian aesthetic, promising an unforgettable gaming adventure.

Once you embark on this journey, you’ll experience its unique charm.

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

Cyberpunk 2077’s troubled launch raised concerns, but Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty redeems the franchise. This expansion offers 20 hours of additional content in Night City featuring Idris Elba and Christine Minji Chang.

The mature narrative resembles an amazing spy thriller, demonstrating CD Projekt Red’s growth as a storyteller. Technical issues have been addressed, and RPG options have expanded, moving the game further from its first-person shooter roots.

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty is finally ready for its close-up. This is exactly why Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty is one of the best video games in 2023 according to Chelmsford’s best game console repair shop.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Nintendo’s Breath of the Wild redefined the Zelda series, offering an open, expansive adventure. Tears of the Kingdom continues this legacy, expanding the game world further. Explore floating islands, benthic caverns, and more with an array of transportation options.

Nintendo has reinvented Zelda twice in six years, and Tears of the Kingdom is a testament to their ability to create new classics.


The gaming world in 2023 is full of thrilling experiences, and these six titles stand out for their innovation and engagement.

From magical warfare in Immortals of Aveum to interstellar exploration in Starfield, epic storytelling in Mortal Kombat I, challenging gameplay in Lies of P, the redemption of Cyberpunk in Phantom Liberty, and the reinvention of Zelda in Tears of the Kingdom, there’s something for every gamer.

For Chelmsford’s gaming community, your trusted game console repair shop is here to enhance your gaming adventures. Explore these titles, experience the magic, and enjoy your journey in the gaming world of 2023.

As Chelmsford’s premier game console repair shop, we are dedicated to ensuring your gaming experience is seamless and enjoyable. Contact us for all your game console repair needs, and let us be your partner in keeping your gaming gear in top condition.

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