What are Auto Dialers? Define The 4 Types of Auto-Dialers

Today businesses rely on modern technologies to improve their client communication, deliver better CX and reduce operational costs.The auto dialer software is one such technology businesses rely upon to offer better CX by improving agent efficiency. Different types of auto dialers are available, and companies can choose the software that meets their requirements.

Auto Dialers

An auto dialer is software that automates the dialing process and eliminates manual dialing. The agents need not focus on dialing the numbers as they automatically connect to the customer/ prospects. They are only concerned about resolving the customers’ queries as they know the software has dialed the correct number.

They only need to resolve the customers’ queries to the best of their capability and provide high customer satisfaction. The process is automated, leaving no room for error, and empowers the agents to attend to more customers efficiently.

4 Types of Auto-Dialers & Understand How They Work

Predictive Dialer:

This dialer initiates a bulk calling process from a given list of contact numbers. As the name suggests, the software anticipates the agent’s availability and connects them to the customers. It makes the call process more efficient by filtering out disconnected calls, busy lines, no-answer calls, or that are transferred to an answering machine and saves the agents precious time.

It also anticipates the average call time so agents clearly understand how many calls they will be able to attend and can initiate the query resolution process more efficiently. They can get better conversions and create a happy client base.

Progressive Dialers:

It calls one number after the other after the agents have finished attending to the call. So, as soon as the agents are available, they respond to the calls and answer the customers’ queries promptly after wrapping up a call. As soon as a live person has received the call, the agents can know, and they can quickly initiate the conversation.

Often when companies put the calls on an automatic dialer and are unaware the call has been picked up, the customer on the other end is likely to hang up the call. But this software enables the agents to connect as soon as the recipient receives the calls.

Preview Dialer:

This type of auto dialer works similarly to a telephone directory. The agents can choose from the contact lists and check the accuracy of the information, and they click on the agent’s contact number and start the call. The call is initiated manually and works like the traditional method of dialing the number.


This dialer is used to automate the communication process. Businesses can send product updates or reminders via automated voice and send recorded messages to clients. Companies can rely on the TTS- Text-to-speech software to record the messages and send them to the people in the contact list. The messages are shared with a large number of people simultaneously.

Benefits of the Software

There are several benefits of the Auto dialer software– the most significant being boosting agent productivity by eliminating the manual dialing process. It increases the agent productivity by maximising their efficiency and enabling them to utilise the resources. It also increases the lead conversion process as customers attend to more callers, and the business gets a high ROI from its call center operations. In-depth insights help them put call center operations on track, understand their customers, and drive more revenue.


The auto dialers automate call center operations and help agents maximise their efficiency. They get more time to address the customers’ queries and focus on delivering high-quality support.

The software handles the mundane task of dialing the contact numbers. So, they can focus more on the support tasks and provide better CX. The software apart from automating the dialing process offers several other benefits.

Companies can use the software to get better ROI, and also help speed up the lead generation process. It also helps in better campaign management and deriving in-depth insights into the operations.

You can buy the Auto dialer software from reputed cloud telephony companies offering the product at competitive prices. They offer flexible payment plans that enable small and medium-sized businesses to adopt the solutions and improve their call center operations. 

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