Centricity EMR vs Practice Fusion: Industry Favorites!

Physicians can choose from a variety of EMR management options. Choosing medical software that is appropriate for your professional practice might be tough. This blog is a Centricity EMR vs Practice Fusion comparison of their features. You will also learn about their prices and demo options! 

What is Centricity EMR? 

Centricity EMR is designed for large-scale medical practices looking for online clinical management tools. The system integrates clinical and financial management and can be used on tablets and mobile devices. It allows physicians and other healthcare staff to carry and update patients’ medical information while on the go. Centricity can be coupled with a wide range of medical equipment and imaging systems. It focuses on patient outcomes and includes a set of reporting tools.

What is Practice Fusion EHR? 

Practice Fusion is a free cloud-based practice management application. Scheduling, superbills, appointment reminders, claim creation, reporting, and so forth are all part of it. This EHR allows clients to submit claims to over 5000 payers. Users receive fewer denials as a result of automated claim purification. The method finishes before the filing of claims and the ability to follow the progress of each claim. 

A Quick Review of Centricity EMR Features 

Scheduling Appointment  

This tool allows you to schedule appointments and identifies at-risk patients. It can even be used to manage specialty equipment and exam rooms. With patient reminders, scheduling can be done automatically. It lets you optimize the amount of exam room and equipment used while decreasing no-shows. 

Patient Portals 

Both patients and doctors can use the patient portal to connect with one another. Patients can use the portal to manage appointments and make payments. On the other hand, doctors can alert their parents about upcoming appointments or prescriptions.  


With this technology, physicians can submit refill requests to pharmacies. At the same time, they can also screen potential drug-to-drug or drug-to-allergy interactions. The data depends on the patient’s diagnosis and current prescription. Drug tracking is made possible by lowering the possibility of medication mistakes. 

Health Analytics 

It aids in recognizing patient trends and provides health organizations with a sense of how they compare to other practices. These analytics also include population health, which enhances a group’s health results. 

Is Centricity EMR Heavy on the Pocket? 

The initial cost for implementation of GE’s Centricity is expensive.  

Centricity EMR pricing does offer configurable options. However, it leans more on the expensive side than not.  

Contact its sales team to get a customized quote to see what Centricity will cost you.  

Have Other Questions? 

Before investing, watching a live Centricity EMR demo would be more useful. During the live demo, you can clarify any concerns you have about Centricity’s functionality.  

Schedule the Centricity demo by contacting customer support.  

How Do You Users Rate It? 

On SoftwareAdvice, the Centricity EHR gets a rating of 4/5. 

According to Centricity reviews, “it provides a superb billing tool.” 

Users also like that “Centricity provides consistency with different apps.” 

According to Centricity EMR reviews, it does not have reliable reporting capabilities.  

Centricity EMR Support 

  • Live Support 
  • 24/7 Tech Support

A Round-Up of Practice Fusion EMR Features 

Medical Charting 

It offers efficient charting, specialty-specific templates, and automated favorite lists. Clinicians can follow a patient’s health data over time and track treatment progress. They can search for diagnostic codes by keywords. 

Practice Administration 

Merge tasks and custom reports and electronically refer patients with their entire medical data. To become paperless, employ secure communications that meet meaningful use guidelines. You can also access HIPAA-compliant faxes. 

Patient Portal 

Patients can access medical records and test results at any time. They can also access educational resources and population health data. They can understand their health and treatment better. 

Medical Billing  

Patients can receive billing statements and change payment information. Doctors can generate superbills by automatically extracting data from chart notes. It can also check insurance providers and clean up any inaccuracies in claims before submitting them. 


Patients can manage appointments online with easy scheduling. It includes automatic reminders about upcoming visits and automatically repeating appointments. 

How Budget-Friendly is Practice Fusion? 

Practice Fusion EHR offers its users pricing tiers that can be customized. It is appropriate for both large and small offices since the Practice Fusion cost can be customized.  

Contact Practice Fusion’s sales team for additional information about its price. 

Need to Know More? 

Before purchasing a subscription plan, interested customers can view a Practice Fusion demo. The demo will also address any questions or concerns you can have about Practice Fusion. 

Contact the customer service representative to book a Practice Fusion EHR demo.

How Do Users Rate It? 

Practice Fusion has received a rating of 4.5/5 on SoftwareAdvice and 3.7 on G2. 

Practice Fusion is quickly picking up the pace in terms of positive feedback.  

According to many of the Practice Fusion EMR reviews, physicians like its configurable interface.  

The Practice Fusion interface is simple to use. 

According to some users, “Practice Fusion can increase interoperability.

Practice Fusion EMR Support 

  • Tutorials  
  • 24/7 Live Support 
  • Webinar 


Let’s Wind Up… Centricity EMR vs Practice Fusion 

The Centricity EHR (electronic health record) is the software used by the practice’s clinical team. You can use it to document patient treatment. Furthermore, the administrative personnel will perform their daily tasks to support the practice.  

Practice Fusion is a cloud-based EHR that helps treatment providers create customized treatments. Its electronic medal records are intended for medical practitioners and service providers to use. The Practice Fusion app includes a gateway to encourage patient participation. Patients can use it to access their PHR information. 

In a nutshell, Centricity and Practice Fusion are reliable tools for the management of clinics. Choosing between these two options can be a tough call. You can easily pick between the two by deciding which features are valuable for your clinic.  


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